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    Vietnam – a photo journal (part 1+2)

    Cycling through Vietnam during the last 2 months has given me hundreds of unforgettable memories, from the hustle & bustle of Saigon, the resort life of Mui Ne, the waterfalls and highlands of Dalat, the romance of Hoi An (where was MY girl?), the rural beauty of the country side, the many different hill tribe faces and laces, the headwind on Hwy 1, the fascinating Halong Bay, the tribal exotism of the North Western corner, the scooter trip, the wonderful gastronomic input, the charms of Hanois Old Quarter, to the in-your-face-attitude of the locals.

    Vietnam is an intense experience and this I´ve tried to capture visually.

    Photo journal from Vietnam, part 1.

    Photo journal from Vietnam, part 2.

    Happy viewing!

    Nicolai – Louang Prabang/Laos

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    2 Responses to “Vietnam – a photo journal (part 1+2)”

    1. Sebastien ( Kiu Kacham) Says:

      Great Pictures, A very good photograph, you gave me idea for my next pictures.
      I am glad to meet you in kiu Kacham, it was very interesting to share your experience.
      Iam still with Marco, it’s very nice to ride together, we took a bus betwen Ventiane and Savanaketh and we rode in 3 days to Hue where we stay in time.
      I toke a train ticket Da nang to Nin binh the 16th after to days in Hoi an.
      Take care and Enjoy your tripe.

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Seb – thanks for your reply and for the great evening in Kiu Kacham among all the bicycle tales from the road. Appreciate it! Say hi to Marco. You’ll love Ninh Bin!

      Nicolai (Chiang Saen, Thailand)

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