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    Day 380 РLiving Room Caf̩

    Tune of the day: Whistle For The Choir – The Fratellis.

    I’ve said it before: the heat is unbearable. Clear sun from a blue sky and
    the temperature is well above 40 degrees Celsius. Today I’m hiding in the
    newly opened “Living Room Café” on my street, Tha Phae Road Lane 1.

    It’s a nice place, with the type of service and thoroughness that many new shops offer, particularly when they are trying to establish themselves. That I like! When drinking a late cup of morning coffee I do the outline of this weeks article for the MetroXpress (a Danish newspaper) which hits the newsstands tomorrow: Friday the 27th of April 2007. The topic of my article was a given after the massive water fights last week…


    I meet up again with French William (31), a really great guy. He and I have
    some pleasant and inspiring conversations about being 30
    , about the temptation of freedom, about the spirit of
    travelling, about settling down or not, about the illusory feeling of
    security, about the love of life, of music and of the “birds” who are poorly
    represented tonight…

    The Roots Reggae Bar, Chiang

    Tune of the day II: Starlight – Muse. These boys sure
    know how to rock…

    On this day..


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