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    Day 388 – W of Den Chai -> Si Satchanalai

    Distance (km) : 80
    Time on bike : 4h 35m
    Brutto time: 8.50 – 15.00
    Avg : 17.21 km/h
    Total (km) : 15.450

    02.03 am: I was woken by an awfully, loud cockcrow right outside the tent. The cock even took the freedom to poke at the tent canvas. In goes the earplugs.

    Otherwise a good night in the tent with an unusual big amount of sleep.

    My camp for the night. Near Den Chai. Central Thailand. May 2007.

    One of my outdoor equipment sponsors

    It turned out to become a day of bike riding that most people will not like. The rain came sneaking in at 10:00 am and it tight marked me most of the day. Since the middle of February I have been on or surrounded by mountains and I do not like them anymore because they are in an alliance with the evil twins of the Weather-Gods and keep sending rain down over me.

    Flat tyre.

    Before noon my back tyre is punctured on my way up a hill in the tropical jungle. Fuck. A policeman on a scooter drives by and “helps” me … by holding the bike and those kinds of things. A painless intermezzo.

    Sweet forest cycling near Si Satchanalai...

    Roadkill of the Day:

    Roadkill of the day...

    4 km before Si Satchanalai my back tyre is punctured again! The feeling of the tyre slowly starting to vibrate and then give in is like a sorry fate and should be abolished. I inflate the tyre out of necessity only and ride on for a few km. Want to repeat the show but the tyre valve has fallen out of the inner tube. Sulky, hungry, very little sociable and looking for a hotel I walk into town.

    Fixing the flat tyre, Thai style.

    I cannot camp outside because of the rain. A mechanic, who has spotted my flat tyre and my descending smile, beckons me over. After the first pit-stop of the day, in the jungle, I do not hesitate to accept his kind assistance.

    Fixing the flat tyre, Thai style.

    The mending is done in proper Thai style with smoke and steam. Out here, nobody has heard of cold tyre retreading.

    Fixing the flat tyre, Thai style.

    He changes my rim which I accuse of being the cause for the first punctured tyre of the day.

    My room mate, the gecko.

    I find a nice hotel in the other side of town. It has a big garden, Thai-TV and hundreds of big insects whom are all giddy about the neon light on my terrace.

    Hitchhike into town, eat dinner and hitchhike back again.

    After all, it wasn’t such a bad day… 🙂

    On this day..


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