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    Day 389 – Si Satchanalai -> Sukhothai

    Distance (km) : 78
    Time on bike : 4h 05m
    Brutto time: 10.30 – 15.30
    Avg : 19.09 km/h
    Total (km) : 15.527

    Tune of the Day: Starlight – Muse

    The night was so amazing that I several times mumbled, “Oh my God, I sleep so well” – still half asleep. It was my tribute to the night. But not all have had just as amazing a night as I have. On my terrace there are hundreds of kamikaze insects whom were on a suicide expedition under my neon light last night.

    Suicidal insects outside my room

    Today I went to the Si Satchanalai Historical Park which is on the UNESCOS World Heritage List. I am not really motivated until after my coffee and after having received a folder with info and a map over the area at the main entrance.

    Si Satchanalai, Central Thailand

    Si Satchanalai, Central Thailand

    I spend some great hours on the packed Koga in the peaceful park which is filled with lots of temples and sounds of the birds. The temples look nice but cannot knock me of my bike. All other temple areas pale in comparison with Angkor in Cambodia.

    Si Satchanalai, Central Thailand

    Si Satchanalai, Central Thailand

    Si Satchanalai, Central Thailand

    They really like Buddha here in Thailand. This giant statue outside Sukhothai is only one in the line of many newly constructed temples and Buddha statues.

    Big Buddha, Sukhothai

    It is an easy afternoon on the roads. It is even, monotonous, without big distractions (like wind, rain, sights) and most of the observations are of the introverted kind and is taking place behind my frontal lobe.

    Regardless of their normal size, snakes, lizards, frogs, mango fruits and from time to time a dog lay flattened on the asphalt. Seen from an ethical point of view of the animals the world’s escalation of building roads is a catastrophe. But paradoxically I feel blessed for these roads here in Thailand.

    the land of race track quality roads!

    Among three other candidates I choose the J&J Guesthouse in Sukhothai. Not because it is run by a Dutch expat but because it has a nice swimming pool which is subconsciously communicating with my overheated biking head.

    Am I slowly turning into a flashpacker?

    On this day..


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