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    Un petit salut from Laos!

    Damn, those monkeys in Lop Buri are nasty!

    Yesterday one of the beasts jumped my back, fumbled around my neck and suddenly bit me hard and quick. Out of the blue. I screamed in pain and surprise and soon the bugger had run away along with the huge horde of monkeys around some of the central temples.

    It slightly freaked me out because of the risk of rabies but I decided not to do anything. The bite through my T left a bloody mark and was quite painful for the rest of the day.

    Well, I’m now in the Lao capital, Vientiane. Took the 3rd class night train from Lop Buri (via Ayutthaya and Nong Khai at the Thai/Lao border) last night and didn’t get any sleep at all. Maybe its the rabies bugging me. I hope not. It’s a risky world these days. Will be sticking around for a few days until my 2 month Thai tourist visa is ready. 2 months should be enough to get me through Thailand down to Malaysia. You never know – Thailand is a very tempting country…

    Map of Northeastern Thailand

    Cheers for now, Nicolai

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Un petit salut from Laos!”

    1. Maarten Says:

      hi Nocolai,

      make sure you drink a Lao Beer on us! Exellent, and for these prices………………………. take 2!
      We still on bang saphan beach, till 18th. So hope your gonne make it.
      on the 19th we will be in BKK. maybe we can meet there.

      let us know, happy travels


    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hej Mette…

      Ja, den havde nogenlunde samme størrelse som Hr. Nelson, men i temperament var de som dag og nat. Den var nuttet, så længe den sad på græsplænen og spiste mangofrugt. Den blev et bæst på ryggen af mig.

      Jeg er OK, tak – biddet mærkes ikke længere.


    3. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Maarten and Ilse…

      I´ve been riding hard for the last week. I will still try and reach you when I get back to my bicycle in Lop Buri, probably Saturday, May 12th. I checked Bang Saphan on the map and it’s not THAT far south of BKK, so keep the beers cold, mates 🙂

      Cheers, Nicolai

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