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    I wanna go to Africa!

    I recently participated in a Danish travel writing contest and was lucky to win the Story of the Month with a travel anecdote from The Tibetan Plateau. The final prize at the end of the year is an African safari for two…
    – I now smell the dust of the savanna.

    Half way down this page is the story (called “En skræmmende nat i Tibet” or “A Scary Night in Tibet”) (Danish only)

    Please cross your fingers out there!


    On this day..


    6 Responses to “I wanna go to Africa!”

    1. Lisa Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      If your writing is half as good as your photography, you’ll be saying “Jambo, Africa” later this year! But can you please find a friend to translate to English for those of us who: a) never had a chance to learn Danish; and b) who love it but tend to think of it fondly as a delicious pastry filled with cheese or cherries? cheers 🙂

      Good luck!


    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Lisa…

      I’ll leave the photographer/writer judge to the people who can actually read the article(s).

      I tried a few times to find some people who would like to do a bit of translating for me. A few very kind people did do some translating for me but it’s a lot of work to do the translations every day – not to mention to keep the (Danish) diary in the first place!

      But if there’s anyone out there… 🙂

      Enjoy your pastries, Lisa!


    3. Bex Says:

      Fed artikel Nico. Ikke mindst billederne… Krydser fingre for dig.

    4. Fjumse Says:

      Det fÃ¥r jeg helt sikkert brug for, Bex. Tak for det 🙂

    5. Sam Says:

      Hej Fjumse !

      Bex og jeg er sikre pÃ¥, at du vinder en tur til Afrika. Vi regner sÃ¥ bare med, at du inviterer hele Jet-Z’et, sÃ¥ vi kan nyde de “blÃ¥ elefanter” ad libitum. Det kunne være helt fantastisk!

      Mange sommertanker

      Onkel Sam

    6. Fjumse Says:

      Kære Sam…

      Ja, at gense de blÃ¥ elefanter pÃ¥ afrikansk grund (denne gang uden 37,3 i feber) ville blive et historisk øjeblik! Hvis det bliver aktuelt, vil jeg skrue charmen pÃ¥ over for Turen GÃ¥r Til-folket for at forsøge at fÃ¥ presset hele banden med i safarijeepen. Det skulle ikke være det største problem…

      Kærligst, Nicolai

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