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    Day 468 – A Happy Day

    It’s a happy day.

    During the last days I’ve tried next to everything in order to gain access to my portable hard drive that contains all my photos from the last 470 days on the road. The gadget’s been acting weird and numerous virus scans showed me that the thing is badly corrupted by worms, bugs and other nasty creep.

    But it is a happy day.

    Via a photo recovery program I actually manage to gain access to all the files and make the most needed back-ups. The joy in the apartment is thunderous! I stay up all night long saving those, to me, preciuos photos. What a relief!

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Day 468 – A Happy Day”

    1. Thomas Frank Says:

      Billederne må bare ikke forsvinde. Du kan evt. også uploade dem til ftpen, så brænder jeg dem ned CDer for dig.

    2. M. Frank Says:

      Det problem kender jeg. OgsÃ¥ selvom min extern hdd nok ikke har været udsat for det som din har været igennem. Mistede alle min data pÃ¥ en 300gb hdd. SÃ¥ er man altsÃ¥ i kulkælderen. Men sÃ¥ er det jo godt at T. Frank har de samme data som en selv 🙂 Lucky. Man kan ikke sige det for tit, HUSK BACK-UP

    3. Fjumse Says:

      Wow, begge The Franks i samme lomme! Det lyder rigtig godt, Frank Sr., med ftp-ideen. Det vil jeg huske. Jeg vil ogsÃ¥ huske back-ups, Frank Jr. 🙂


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