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    Day 490 – Pangandaran -> Gombong (hotel)

    Distance (km) : 146!
    Time on bike : 7h 41m
    Brutto time: 08.35 – 17.35
    Avg : 19.0 km/h
    Max speed: 49.8 km/h
    Total (km) : 19.181

    Siomay dish - very tasty!

    On this day..


    One Response to “Day 490 – Pangandaran -> Gombong (hotel)”

    1. Schtroumf à lunettes Says:

      Oh, will you kindly stop writing such exentricities?! For your information, Runonce, you should not correct others while you do not know how to write yourself. “righte” is not written that way, because it is written “write”. Also, I should inform you that this is a site about this owner’s travels around the world, and not some chatting website. Because of that, I most kindly ask you that would you please stop writing such, forgive my expression, idiotic sentences, the reason being that you are taking all the space on this website and its owner surely does not appreciate this for a bit. Dear Maker of this Site, I think this was a very original idea to travel the world by bicycle, although I would appreciate a little more information about the countries you travel. It would be an excellent way of learning while having fun. The website in general is a very well made site, although a little more colour would not hutr, would it? In my humble opinion which I am sure does not count much, this website has too much shades of gray. If you would only change this little detail, this website would achieve a very near level to perfection. Also, I reproduced those dishes you have eaten during your travel and I find them of a heavenly taste. Because of this sweet transe I fell into after eating those dishes, I have got a passion for foreign food. Thank you very much, Maker, you have helped me in finding a new way of consoling any of my sadness, of which I am completely debarassed since trying new meals.
      I also think that if you would include more pictures of the landscape you cross, your dear websurfers would appreciate it to the most high degree. I would like to conclude, dear Maker of this Site, that this has become one of if not the most frequently logged on site and I am sure this is the same for countless other people. I await your reply with my highest compliments,
      Schtroumf à lunettes.

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