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    Nye billeder i dagbogen…

    Jeg har fundet lidt ædru timer her i Kuta på det sydlige Bali til at få smidt en masse billeder i dagbogen.

    Dagene 488 til 500 er blevet krydret lidt.

    En lidt rundtur kan med fordel startes her!


    On this day..


    4 Responses to “Nye billeder i dagbogen…”

    1. Phoebe Says:

      HEy..hope you are doing alright in indonesia eh….due to the quake…
      Take care!

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Thanks, Phoebe…I’m very fine. Just arrived on Sumbawa Island today. Heading for Timor and Australia! Internet is sooo slow here. Talk to you later…


    3. Paola Says:

      Hola Nicoooolaiiiii!….muy lindas fotos!
      se que estas muy bien, yo en Sydney
      Muy feliz en Australia
      Mucha Suerte!!!

      pd: i never ever….hahaha

    4. Fjumse Says:


      Great to hear from you! And thanks for the compliments…
      Glad to hear you’re safe and happy in Sydney. I’m desperate to go to Australia as well. Just arrived in Kupang last night.

      Boa sorte p’ra Voce tambem! 🙂

      I really hope to catch up with you some day, Paula. Chile, maybe…

      Hugs, Nicolai

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