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    The Most Likeable People in the World

    This is a newly updated version of my – very subjective – Top 10 Most Likeable People In the World.

    Belgium is a new entry. South Africa is in the darkness. Plus some of my next door neighbours have changed seats. Apart from that, same old smell in the kitchen. The world is still full of wonderful people.

    My Top 10 Fellow Travellers from Around the World…

    01 – Holland
    02 – Canada
    03 – Sweden
    04 – Australia
    05 – Norway
    06 – Germany
    07 – France
    08 – USA
    09 – Belgium
    10 – Switzerland

    This is (still) a bit tricky. You meet a lot of other travellers along the way. Some people you like – others you don’t.

    That said, I see some kind of pattern in terms of which nationalities I normally cling with, like being around, have fun with, feel congenial with etc. I know it’s very Eurocentric, but then again, that’s how I feel about it. When it all comes down to it, the people is what I like, regardless of nationality…

    On this day..


    9 Responses to “The Most Likeable People in the World”

    1. Mlle Sara Says:

      Best of luck on the next leg of your journey!

      May life bring you moving moments, interesting encounters and exciting adventures.

      If it helps, I completly undestand why you wanted to go by boat. It just makes sense. Comfort is not necessarily the logical choice.

      I’m still waiting for Canada to be in first place, but I’m quite alright with the Netherlands. They are just sooo nice! I had the best time with them! 😀 If I were an utterly critical person, one of those ppl who make your life miserable, I would say your top 10 is entirely western! 75% of western countries that aren’t part of EUrope make the top 10 ( Can, Aus, USA – N-Z missing in action 🙁 )What about those welcoming Turks? Do they make the top 11? Do they… ? Or is this only for travellers?

      My next leg of the journey will start in Amman on the 9th. I,ll witness the end of Ramadan!!! Yeah!

      Well, enjoy it all dear!
      SAra xx

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Dear Sara…

      You’re absolutely right, and the logical choice isn’t always the easiest way.

      Canadians in the first place…Not so sure about that, though. Those Dutchies are still a wee bit more than a foot ahead on my otherwise non-meassurable inner scale. I know it’s totally euro/anglocentric. Can’t help it.

      The Turks are probably the most hospitable and warm people around. Agree. But yeah, the list mainly counts the travelling lot. Maybe I should try and make another Top whatever that lists the most hospitable people, in my book, that is…

      You’ll love The Middle East, I’m sure, Sara. Keep in touch!

      Till next time!


      BTW – how does your Top 10 look like nowadays? 🙂

    3. Ida Says:

      Can´t believe the South Africans were chucked off the list – to think that the Germans have improved – that´s news!

    4. Marloes Says:

      I love this list.

    5. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Marloes…

      I know you do! All of you Dutch people are so unfair to those other countries – just deepening the gap down to the other countries with all your great humour, positive & free spirits and easy-going minds…So unfair ‘cos it sucks out the competitive aspect of it all…Bastards!


    6. Pieter Says:

      Hi there Nicolai, we met in Labuan Lomboks famous restaurant eating spicy soup remember? i surely don’t believe that was coincidence! Back in Brussels now, enjoying your great site, you do got sharp intuition for pics and rather spicy tongue… I’m gonna follow you for the rest of the year and beyond! and i have to say i appreciate ‘we’ Belgians are now in your top 10 though just on nr 9, is that because of our meeting or did you meet a little less nice Belgians in Australia? 😉
      especially liked your travel philosophy following your natural intuition & just short term planning, guess we’d be good companions…
      The world indeed is a very beautifull place, glad you agree 🙂
      take care in kangeroo country enjoy for us too:: ciao Pieter

    7. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Pieter…

      Great to hear from you. Sure I remember you! Glad to hear you enjoy the site and photos.

      Reg. the list, now with Belgians…This are changing, though slowly sometimes, all the time, so does my list. And you guys are going the right way, I guess. Maybe some day, the Belgians might even be able to tip your Dutch neighbours off the hot spot. Anyway, it was good meeting you on Lombok – hope you all had a great boat trip to Flores and enjoyed the rest of your journey.

      See you down the road…


    8. dirk Says:


      this is a funny topic, good to see the dutchies are doing well,
      but your the most wicked person if ever met from denmark, respect for all the trvellers, but your doing a real trip! i think we maybe must make a list of what kind of crazy and adventures stuff “backpackers” are doing around the world. it”s impresive to see what people all are doing except living a “normal” live.

    9. Fjumse Says:

      Spot on, Dirk.

      Thanks, mate!

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