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    Day 529 – Chasing an OZ-bound boat in Kupang

    I spend most of the day trying to find local contacts that might be able to bring me just a little closer to Australia, the sea way. It´s not easy to explain why I desperately want to go with a boat to Australia. It sure feels like the right way of entering the huge continent after more than 20.000 kms on the bike. A self-inflicted challenge, you might call it.

    At the Lavalon Bar I chat up an Australian sailor. He´s a very nice guy (he has Dutch genes!) but unfortunately he can´t help me. He´s going to Bali, the wrong way. There aren´t any other sailing boats in the harbour which gives me the first slap on my otherwise optimistic nose today.

    I also talk to Edwin, a local agent that is really in the know about what´s on here in Kupang. He´s not too optimistic either. “If you come last week, maybe I could help you”. He tells me that in about a month there´ll be a crab fishing boat going from Kupang to Darwin and he might be able to get me onboard.
    My visa expires on Sunday. An extension is an option – or else I could go to Dili up in East-Timor and get a new visa-on-arrival back in Indonesia. But waiting, hanging around in Kupang for a month waiting for a maybe-boat, naahh, I really don´t have the patience for that. I just wanna go to Australia, for Christ sake!

    At the other end of town I get the same pessimistic answer. “Not possible. Maybe you go back to Bali…” . Hell no! Things are starting to look not too bright in Camp WT.

    Thus, in a matter of a few hours, my hope of entering lovely Australia by boat vanishes in the hustle & bustle of Kupang.

    For the first time I start considering flying to Darwin and the Merpati sales agent tells me that there´s a flight twice a week, Saturday and Tuesday. Potentially, that could be my way out of drifting away here in Kupang. I make a reservation and am asked to come back tomorrow to see if there´s a seat available. The administrative part of the company is apparently in Darwin and only after an @-correspondence is the agent able to tell me if I can go or not.

    Well-well, I did what I could today. Though seen from my boat view it´s been rather fruitless. Life´s like that sometimes…

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 529 – Chasing an OZ-bound boat in Kupang”

    1. Kasper Nyvold Says:

      Det tyder pÃ¥, at der ikke er ikke megen “kontakt” mellem indoneserne og australierne. En bÃ¥d fra Indonesien, tolkes af mange australiere, som en bÃ¥d der potentielt kan være fyldt med illegale flygtninge.
      Har du undersøgt om mulighederne i Øst-Timor skulle være bedre, det var trods alt australierne der hjalp dem med at blive et selvstændigt land, så måske er der en bedre søvejs forbindelse derfra til Darwin?
      Husk nu cykelhjelmen i Australien (selv om du tidligere har udtrykt mishag ved sådan én), dér er det lovpligtigt med hjelm når man cykler!

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hej Kasper…

      Tak for inputtet. Nogen regulær transport fra Øst-Timor til Australien har jeg ikke hørt om. Men selvfølgelig, der var jo den med de illegale flygtninge. Det er dog ikke en kategori jeg helt kan identificere mig med, og jeg vil så nødigt i klammeri med de australske uniformer allerede inden jeg er kommet i land.

      Cykelhjelmen, damn, jeg vil forsøge at spille blond, dum og uskyldig. Mon ikke det går?

      Nicolai (flyver til Darwin om 12 timer!)

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