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    I need your help – again!

    First off, thanks a lot to all of those helping hands! Your comments, ideas, and opinions on Flickr, here and private have been a great help to me finding a focus.

    Well, not really ‘cos I’m now in a photographic turmoil greater than the other day!

    Generally speaking I’ve been advised to try and find a theme for the calender. Some opt for an “expedition theme”, other for “the people you’ve met” and others have come up with other great ideas that are just complicating it all – but again, thanks a lot!

    I like both ideas (WT and people focus) and have tried to sort photos for different calenders with different themes.

    A) My personal favourites

    B) The Expedition

    C) People of the World

    D) Nature

    The 107-108 photos from Round 1 have been cooking for a while and now counts a mere 70 photos. Actually, the first 16 photos (until the rear view mirror photo) didn’t appear in Round 1. They all got a wild card, straight in to the second go. The world is so unfair sometimes. Bring it on – Round 2!

    …and to complicate things further another 20 late arrivals have appeared. Out of the blue!Check them out here and tell me what you think…Any nuggets?


    On this day..


    3 Responses to “I need your help – again!”

    1. Ronnie Nielsen Says:

      Folk du møder er vel en del af turen. Så jeg kan ikke se, hvordan de to ting udelukker hinanden. Det giver liv med nærbilleder af levende mennesker efter panoramaer af store landskaber. Men for meget af det ene eller det andet kan hurtigt gøre forestillingen monoton.

      Bedste hilsener – og fortsat god tur!
      Ronnie Nielsen

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hej Ronnie…

      Nej, 1) & 2) udelukker ikke hinanden. Men jeg tror stadig, at en eller anden form for fokus vil kunne gøre resultatet stramt og lækkert. Er det ikke sÃ¥dan vi alle ønsker det…?

      Tak for hilsnen!


    3. Fjorken Heilla Says:

      Na fjerka dinke tay na stara ni taosin sa tasoisnaira.

      Ba tel nu din raita na faietin ras na ras!

      Kae wa tisn a riu inna darine be fasdin od ma kep faru!

      Te sin te amatuino goti bala sa dea sin pala me,

      Kariu 🙂

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