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    Tennant Creek update, sort of…

    (English only)

    Just a very short notice here from super hot Tennant Creek. It’s been some wonderful cycling days since I left the Darwin region about 10 days ago. A lot of pedalling and sharing camp site stories with fellow travellers.

    All is very fine here. I’ve had some pretty crazy cycling days down the Track, including a few (personal) record breaking ones. More about that from Alice Springs when I get there next week. Internet is very, very sparse around here, and at 8 USD/hour it ain’t cheap either…Expect long delays from the WT Camp.

    High spirits,

    The Bush Tucker Man

    On this day..


    One Response to “Tennant Creek update, sort of…”

    1. Mlle Sara Says:

      Hey! Hey!
      Happy Halloween in advance for me! I hope it brings you as much as last year’s!

      I am loving the middle-east!!! Wow! So impressive, so welcoming… ah! One would not believe the kindness I was approached with in Syria. (They make the top 10, but this excludes gov.) 😉

      Big, big hug, …til next time!
      Sara xx

      Have some candy, or beer, whichever you prefer for Halloween! hehehe!

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