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    Day 570 – Ti-Tree -> Alice Springs (camping)

    Distance (km) : 200.6 (longest cycling day ever!)
    Time on bike : 8h 45m
    Brutto time: 08.00 – 18.00
    Avg : 23.1 km/h
    Max.speed: 46.3 km/h
    Total (km) : 22.684

    It was a very, very long and beautiful day...

    On this day..


    6 Responses to “Day 570 – Ti-Tree -> Alice Springs (camping)”

    1. Vaughan Dunn Says:

      Great going Nicolai….following your progress when it’s quiet around work.

      I’m heading off on Sunday 4/11 for a “dry run” with trike + trailer: approx 500km circuit around Sydney – should take about 1 week.

      Enjoy your hot rest days….

    2. Harydial Says:

      Hey Nicolai….cool as…man your trip….Its been my dream as well to do ride a bike around our amazing planet earth….your site and photos keep me dreaming and i really do believe it will come to past in a few years time…

      Sorry for being random but I really hope you can give me a very rough idea how much would it cost if I plan to live on a bike for 3.5 to 4 years riding around the world….live fairly cheap n camp!

      BTW I am in Brisbane. If u do plan to head up here let me know…will be really cool to meet you.
      Cheers buddy….you are living life to the fullest and on the edge!

    3. Fjumse Says:

      Hary, basically all I’ll say is: Just go for it. Don’t hesitate or think you’ll need trillions of $ to live your dream. Very roughly, I’d say that 500-800 AUD/month will suffice, camping, drinking the tap water whenever you can, not drinking too many beers and not spending too many boogie nights in expensive backpacker hangouts.

      If you’re disciplined, you can survive (and enjoy) on as little as 10 AUD a day pretty much everywhere.

      Happy planning!

      Nicolai (Cooper Pedy, S.A)

    4. Fjumse Says:

      I hope you had a blast, Vaughan!

    5. Harydial Says:

      Hey Nicolai…thanks for giving insight into the budget section. Truly appreciate it. Yes I will go for it…..and there is only one life to live anyway…lets live it to the fullest!

      Journey mercies and take care….

    6. Fjumse Says:

      Thanks, Harydial…



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