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    Nye billeder fra Australien!

    Her er et lille kig indenfor i mit australske cykeleventyr…

    Australian Photo Set #1

    De siger jo, at billeder siger mere end 1000 ord… 🙂


    On this day..


    4 Responses to “Nye billeder fra Australien!”

    1. schlesinger dieter Says:

      Hello Nicolai !

      The Photo

      ” Sunset cycling, on my way to Renner Spring 2007.10.24 15:14:38 ”

      set a lot of emotions free.

      All the best to You

      the couple from Austria with the VW Camper You met in Slovakia

      Oliva & Dieter

    2. Maarten Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Aaaaahhhh, what a delight!
      After writing several letter to people that maybe can give a job, and hoping that they will call me so that I maybe can get a job it is just so good to sit back and look your picture slideshow.

      So yes, the ‘normal’ life has started again, not the first time, and we can not complain. We like it here in NL, altough the weather is not nearly so good as on your pictures……… It’s good to speak to friends and family knowing we will be here also next month.

      Enjoy the outback, take care of the dead cows with big belly’s, they tend to explode all over you when to close…….. (-;

      Greetings from Maarten

    3. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Oliva and Dieter…

      I’m glad that my photos can make emotions, feelings come back.

      Good to hear from you – and I still owe you a dinner, right?

      Slovakian memories anno 2006 🙂

      Nicolai (Cooper Pedy, Australia)

    4. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Ilse and Maarten…

      Thanks for your entry. It’s good to hear that a life less exotic back home in NL does turn you guys down. As you’d know, it really takes a great deal more than that to turn the high spirited dutch people down…

      See you down the road some day.

      Nicolai (Cooper Pedy, South Australia)

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