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    A Happy Family

    (UK ONLY)

    Please excuse my recent silence and take it as a proof that no news is good news.

    I’ve been having some seriously lovely days here in Nuriootpa in the Barossa Valley. The last days have been super compact and it feels like my mind and memo is struggling to keep up with the experiences that just keep rolling in. Through the website Hospitality Club I was warmly invited by the Jones Family right in the centre of the Barossa. And what a great family that is!

    I’ve been spoilt in a way that’s just unheard of in Camp WT, thanks to mom Ginny, dad Ian, their daughters Kinny and Amber + husband Adam and their kids Aiden (2) and Ava (4), all the dogs and birds and all the other folks I’ve met during the last 3 days.


    A few hours after my arrival here (Saturday) I found myself at a private Princess & Commando theme party with lots of new, happy faces, great music, chilled ambience and heaps of Coopers Pale Ale. It was a full on introduction for me…


    On Sunday (25NOV) Ian took me for a ride in his flashy vintage 1974 Holden Monaro around the lush & lovely Barossa Valley. It’s a fantastic car and we got a lot of attention (my Koga bicycle would’ve been jealous) driving around in that V8 powerhouse.

    My host Ians flashy 1974 vintage Holden Monaro V8. The perfect way to cruise around the Barossa Valley...

    I felt like I was in some road movie or – when Ian pushed down the pedal which, fortunately, he likes a lot 🙂 – like in a Nintendo car race game. We went to one of the many wineries that are scattered around the area and obviously I couldn’t help myself at the wine tasting counter…

    Today (Monday), Ginny, Amber, her kids and I went sightseeing around and outside the Valley, to The Chocolate Factory, The Cheese Factory and The Toy Factory, and the biggest rocking horse in the world! Now how’s that! I’ve been trying to keep my feet on the ground here, but I have to say that I’ve lost my heart to the Barossa Valley – feel confident that I could actually settle down here.

    I might not do that for 2 reasons:
    1) The bicycle would be quite discontent with that, and
    2) I still haven’t found my missus yet


    3) I’ve decided to continue down the road. Open eyes and all…

    Me at the Seppelt Mausoleum in the Barossa Valley

    My stomac is full of roast lamb, steaks, huge English breakfasts, beer and other delicacies and I’m sure it’ll be hard for me to leave the happiness and warmth that seems like the most natural thing in and around this family. I’m utterly overwhelmed and until now I didn’t know that revitalization can feel that revitalizing…

    A huge thanks to The Jones’ for everything, and for being who you are.

    I expect to reach Adelaide tomorrow, Tuesday. New adventures in Hi-FI…

    Speak to you later…


    On this day..


    3 Responses to “A Happy Family”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Thanks Nicko. We luved having you.

    2. lori and anthony linke Says:

      hey nic got on 2 ur site from amber meet u at the party at ambers just wanted 2 say hi and we hope u have a safe and wonderful rest of ur travells and we really hope all ur dreams come true… stay safe love the linkes p.s great web site and wonderful pics!

    3. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Lori & Anthony…

      Just around half way through my journey it already feels like…well, what else can I possibly want from being here…Not a bad feeling at all.

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. All the best..


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