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    The Milestones – A Visual Journey (update)

    The Milestones, as per November 30th 2007

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “The Milestones – A Visual Journey (update)”

    1. Lisa Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      I like seeing the climate changes too. You don’t say much about how it is in the cold, rain, heat, and humidity, but you seem to have the right gear for it all. Just once you mentioned the incredible head wind…it’s amazing that you can push on through in such extremes. Where I live, a hard or chilly rain means pull the covers up a bit more snug and pop in a movie :-). Enjoy your time in Adelaide and that fine Aussie wine. I’m raising a glass to you now…Cheers!

      Ton amie in Cali,


    2. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for the note. Always good to hear from “over there” where you just pop in a movie when the going gets tough… 🙂 Life can be that simple, right?

      Out of more than 600 days on the road, I guess I’ve had just around 10 rainy days. The sun seems to shine everywhere I go. Must have something to do with the stars, I guess.

      Rain doesn’t really bother me. A misbehaving wind is the real enemy out there.

      People often ask me how I deal with the intense Australian heat, but to be honest I enjoy it hothothot and up until the late 30s (C, that is, you’d have to do the math and convert to F yourself, I’m afraid, Lisa) I find cycling a blast (wind factor not taken into account).

      As a friend of mine noticed the other day, the skin does make the skin, espec. on my hands, looks terribly old (80), but I’m working on the sun screen now and I’m normalizing again after the merciless Aussie sun.

      With a glass of white wine in my hand,

      Cheers, Nicolai

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