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    Newsletter #1 17FEB06

    It doesn’t seem long ago when the number of days until the big departure on April Fools’ Day was counted in 3 digits and no matter how unreal it seems the countdown on our site says only 43 days and just one full month now seperates us from the kick-off from the main square in Copenhagen.

    The days go by disregarding the ways we are making progress in planning the trip. At the same time the adventure seems both scary and extremely alluring. A clean and self-appointed clear-cut has to be done with the everyday life in Copenhagen, Denmark that has been a safe and wonderful harbour for both of us for the last 4-5 years; quitting jobs, leaving homes,
    applying for sponsorships, establishing contact with newspapers and magazines, cancelling insurances and memberships (perhaps the mortal ones as well?) and loads of other practicalities that we won’t name due to the risk of boredom to our readers but that nonetheless make this project seem more real and – importantly – prepare us mentally for the fundamentally different life that awaits us on the road.

    Many nights have already been spent over a few of beers while we have tried to sense the contours of what’s ahead of us but the project will probably seem like an abstraction until the day we leave Denmark.

    Our website is out now and we are really happy and excited about it. Surely a lot of working hours, considerations and decisions underlie www.worldtravellers.dk. Considerations regarding everything from font size, set-up and content of the site to the more technical part of the site that Pablo takes great care of. In times when the travelling and constantly changing gipsy life will dominate, our website will probably be one of the most steady and reliable ingredients in an otherwise unpredictable (but presumably taste) dish.

    Publishing www.worldtravellers.dk is big and the site now prepares the way for the next big stage in the race of preparations; the more extrovert, attention seeking part of the project including sponsorship applications and contacts to different medias (newspapers, magazines etc.). The project is mainly financed by us and the quality of the equipment we bring (and that we’ll sleep and live with for the next few years) is of great importance and we hope that (a lot of!) our sponsorship applications will be fruiful and that a lot of people will support the adventure (mental support is not to be underestimated!).

    Books could be written about the thoughts, considerations, ecstatic moves etc. that go through our minds these days (occasionally causing sleepless nights) but they have to remain unwritten by now. The realization of personal (and common) dreams requires preparation and action – and we’ve only got 43 days left for that…

    But www.worldtravellers.dk is a reality so please let the flysheets flutter and – as an old friend once told his lover when she had just complimented his sexual capacities – SPREAD THE WORD!

    Au revoir!

    Martin Amor & Nicolai Bangsgaard