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    Cyclists met on the trip (location)

    Rob Thomson (Kyrgyzstan)

    Juan Pablo Villarino (Tibet)
    Argentinian Acrobat of The Road

    Matt from UK (Kyrgyzstan and W China)

    Richard Nacin (Tibet)

    Sage and Chris (Tibet)

    Stefan Koch (Eastern Europe)

    Pablo García (Turkey)

    Chris (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

    Yvan & Delphine (Tibet)

    Ilse & Maarten (MC-riders, Bangkok)

    Other Cycling Travellers

    Lars Bengtsson Great site from fellow Scandinavian guy…
    Peter Gostelow Check out Peter’s great Africa Ride 2009-2011. Great stories and photography.
    Askaroff sisters Kira & Katrina cycling from the UK to Sydney
    Edward Genochio British guy travelling from China back to UK
    Richard Gregg Sheffield bloke on a multi-year tour around the world
    Mark & Juliette The McLeans from Liverpool travelling around the world
    Thiago Ghilardi Brazilian guy traversing the world
    Alastair Humphreys UK guy on 5 year tour around the world (finished end 2005). Great writings!
    Yak Man Swiss guy on a bicycle odyssee
    Isa and Terry From England to New Zealand
    Tallabomba Impressive and inspiring site by a Swedish guy
    Rob Lilwall From Siberia and back to England
    Franz Karl Austrian guy travelling through Asia
    Puskar Shah Nepali guy on impressive 11 year around-the-world-journey
    Anita and Stefan Austrian couple travelling around the world
    Brink Expedition Australian guy on an ambitious journey around the world. Impressive site!
    Corax Swedish guy with very impressive and informative homepage!
    Daniel Martin British guy on his way from London to Cape Town
    Igel & Paola German couple travelling around the world
    Tillmann Waldthaler One of The Kings of Bicycle Touring!
    Africa By Bike Luke & Anna travelling through Africa for charity
    Martin Adserballe Danish cyclist and adventurer with great experience from Tibet
    Elisa Elisa is bycycling from Lisbon to Istanbul
    Eric & Amaya Tales from a bike journey across Africa
    Henry & Jamie UK to Australia by bike, take-off April 2010
    Pete Mounfield From Kapp to Cape
    55˚NORD – 33˚SYD A Danish Expedition from CPH to Cape Town


    Smallbird Carolyne Bird’s – a good friend from Adelaide – creative playground…
    CIA CIA World Factbook
    DMI Check world climates and weather forecasts
    Timeticker Wonder what time it is in Uzbekistan right now?
    Fotokritik Danish photo site for photographer enthusiasts
    CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Jim Langley The Master of bicycle repairs online
    Park Tool Excellent site with bike repair manual
    Warm Showers Cyclist community offering a hot shower around the world…Might come in handy!