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    – What do you want?
    To realize a mature dream of a prolonged journey around the world by bicycle.

    – Why are you doing it?
    The short, popular answer: ‘Cos I can!
    The other answer: Because I’ve been dreaming of experiencing the world for a few years, because the dream causes countless sleepless nights, because the opportunities for the adventure are present, because the bicycle is a fantastic way of travelling – and because the world is beautiful.

    – What are my goals?
    Travelling around the world by bicycle from April 10th 2006 until ∞…
    Rather unpolitically the purpose of the journey isn’t charitable – I won’t raise a certain amount of $ for a certain organization every kilometer we go. The starting point of the journey lies in the apolitical and hedonistic territory and thus we’ll be inspired, challenged, impressed, fascinated, amused, stunned and surprised at the variety of our wonderful planet.

    The purpose of the realization of this dream finds no explanation in the statistics or in diffuse ambitions of travelled kilometers. In spite of this a cautious guess is that the travels will lead me through more than 30 countries and involve more than 30.000 km. The length of the journey? I generally don’t operate with a strict time schedule – the horizon given by nature will be me compass and inspirational guide!

    – How did you come up with the idea?
    I’ve always travelled a lot so the idea of going on a “really” big trip isn’t new at all. But the idea implying a bicycle is quite new.
    I feel the dream has been stealing upon me and has put its seeds inside of me giving me no real change but realizing the dream.

    – Why now?
    In November 2005 I finished my master’s degree in Social Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen and thus I ravenously feel like going out in the world in order to take advantage of my ‘young retirement’ before I (maybe) will arrive at the infamous labour market as an anthropologist.

    How Can You Afford It?
    I found that people often get a funny, blank look in their eyes when they hear about the length of the expedition imagining the enormous amount of money they expect is needed. Travelling by bicycle can be an extremely cheap and wonderful way of living. Sitting in the saddle most of the days consideraly cuts down the expenses and getting by on less than 15UDS a day per person should be no problem. Pablo has been working quite a lot during the last years and Nicolai normally try and stick to a pseudo-ascetic way of living. Furthermore differrent kinds of sponsorships will certainly help realizing the project…

    How are you going to sleep?
    Camping (free and in organised camp sites), cheap hostels in the bigger cities, private accomodation where appropriate…In ditches and under the cold, blue sky

    What are you going to bring with you?
    Besides the Koga Miyata-bicycle which is strong and reliable as a working horse, naturally we need a lot of things that are more or less essential on the trip. Among these; waterproof panniers from Ortlieb (2 back, 2 lowrider and 1 bar bag), Topeak pump, 3 water bottles, bungees, Brooks saddle, Tubus rear and front rack, Continental TravelContact tires, SPD pedals (two-sided), bike odometer with altimeter, butterfly bar, bell, multitool, Schwiss Army knife, extra tubes, extra tyre, extra chain, puncture repair kit, duct tape, superglue, oil, extra nuts and bolts, string, tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, Petzl head light, multifuel burner, pans, cuttlery, lighter, matches, mugs, Ortlieb 10 litre water bowl, silver tablets for water purifying, trousers, long-sleeved jersey, SPD shoes, T-shirts, sandals, socks, fleecejacket, rain gear, gloves, sarong, cap, suncream, cycling mitts, first aid, antibiotics, insurance papers, needle and threat, photocopies of important paper matter, US-dollars cash, Visa-card, passport, passport photos, maps, books, diaries, cameras, minidisc/iPod and tooth brush…
    Why aren’t you going to Africa?
    Maybe I’ll go to Africa. The option is tempting – it’s going to take a while before I have to decide. Time will tell…