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    Newsletter #2 18APR06


    Dear all!

    We finally got underway. After many months of preparation, considerations, mails, website building and much more we bordered the ferry to Poland on the 10th of April.

    We arrived Tuesday morning at 08.00 to Swinoujscie and cycled the first 20 KM before breakfast.

    The first week was spend getting use to the idea of fianlly being underway and getting use to all the new equipment and the pure life of living like this. Poland has offered much more than boring grey highways (which Martin probably feared the most) and revealed a wonderful nature which we enjoy on the small roads going south. We camp when we feel like and we were like. It could be in a forest, by a lake or similar.

    The first 5 days we counted 300 KM on our computers and the last couple of days we have rested and been a bit culural in the city Poznan. Here we enjoy the luxury of hot baths and we even went to a restaurant once 🙂

    The week before departure was very hectic. We got interviewed to MetroXpress – the most read newspaper in Denmark which resulted in 3 big articles as a lead-up to us sending home travelletters during our expedition. We also appeared on the popular show “Go morgen Danmark” (Good morning Denmark) on the day we departed. We got interviewet to the magazine FamilieJournalen which will be out in May and the adventure magazine Luksus had a page about our expedition.

    All of this has resulted in a big attention around our project and we receive a lot of mails and comments from all over the world. This we see on the number of visits to our homepage which are 4-5 times as many as before. We now receive quite a lot of visits every day.

    We would like to thank everybody for the incredible help and support we have received throughout the project and esp. the last weeks and days before departure. Thanks a lot!

    So what will happen in the future?

    First and foremost we will continue to cycle south.

    In the future we will keep you updated with these newsletters (please let me know if you don’t want to receive them anymore) and we’ll keep updating on our webpage when we have the possibility. Esp. on the Log and diary pages.

    Thanks for the interest so far!

    Best regards,
    Team WT – Nicolai and Martin