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    Beers of the world unite…

    My beer barometer from 1-4 stars (**** = drink of heaven)


    ****Warka, 5,7%, 12APR06. Wonderful first experience with Polish beer.
    ***Bosman, 5,7% 12APR06. Pretty good. A bit neutral.
    ***Tyskie, 5,6% 13APR06. A favourite among the Poles, it seems.
    ****Zywiec, 5,6% 14APR06. Fantastic beer!
    **Lech (draft), 15APR06. This one was too weak for me…
    **Redd’s, 4,5% 15APR06. Fruity teenage drink (aka beer!)
    ****Okocim Palone, 5,5% 16APR06. The King! My winner so far…
    ****Okocim Mocne, 7,1% 16APR06. Also a great beer in my Top 3…
    **½A Dog In the Fog, 5,7% 18APR06. 2 stars for the beer, ½ for the name!
    ***Pilsner Urquell (draft, Czech Rep.) 20APR06. Straight forward.
    ***O.K. Beer Okocim, 5,7%, 21APR06. They call this a LIGHT beer!
    ****Strong Warka, 7,0%, 21APR06. Super Top 3 beer.
    *Piast, 5,3%, 21APR06. The taste doesn’t suit me at all…
    **Tatra Pils, 6,0%, 29APR06. Weak, anonymous and a bit disappointing…
    **½Tatra Mocne, 7,0%, 29APR06. The darker and slightly better cousin to the above…


    **½ Dreher (draft), 07MAY06. First Hungarian beer tasted was not bad…
    *** Soproni, 08MAY06. Smooth, good taste. My Hungarian favourite…
    *** Kozel (Chech Rep.), 08MAY06. Classic pils…


    **½ Golden Brau, 14MAY06. I had this beer from the huge 2 liter bottle!
    *** Ciuc, 15MAY06. This Cluj Napoca beer is famous in all of Romania
    *** Skol (draft), 17MAY06. Refreshingly cold and straight from the tap!
    ** Bergenbier, MAY06. Massive comercial presence allover Romania. Dull.
    *** Ciucas (Brasov), 4,5%, MAY06. Very good.
    ***½ Timisoana, MAY06. Slighty fruity and very tasteful this was my clear hit beer in Romania!


    **½ Kamenitza (dark), 30MAY06, 5,0%. Powerful and strong taste.
    **½ Ahouana, 30MAY, 4,4%. OK but a little light in taste and alcohol.
    *** Ledenika, 31MAY06. Good, balanced beer.
    *** Starobrno (draft, Chech Rep.), 01JUN06. Lovely, lovely draft.
    **½ Untitled!, 01JUN06. Couldn’t read the cyrillic letters on this one!
    * MM (Varna), 02JUN06, Worst beer so far. Sour taste, bad job, guys!
    **½ Varna, 02JUN06. Classic pils. Nice bottle.
    ** Boliarka, 03JUN06. Neutral.
    ** Wymehcko, 03JUN06. Slightly fruity, a bit tad.