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    Newsletter #3 18MAY06

    Day 39 on the Worldtravellers.dk expedition and it feels like a long time since Martin and I parted in Wroclaw, Poland on day 14 – where he took of for Krakow and then onwards to Copenhagen again. Rumours had it that he will be back in the saddle and a healthy knee is ready again for this “dolca Vita” which took hold of me a long time ago. Days where I cannot imagine what will bring when I wake up in the moist morning tent and days which feels like rich mini lives when I again get back into the tent some place completely else in the evening. It’s these days this journey consist of and which charms me with unpredictable challenges and diversity.

    In the school of travel you already learn about the universel language of the smile in the small grades and about the advantages of being flexible about the day and the experiences it might bring. A lesson I have had much use of in the past weeks which have provided me with so many scenarios and faces;

    The village alcoholic who stone-pissed on a weekday and with a glass of homebrew in his hand (it was awful!) insists on showing me his country house with turkeys, poulty, home-distilled moonshine (of course), rabbits and an aging mother who shyly observes us from a distance.

    Cato from Mexico (38) who in the past 7 years has travelled around in the world (4-5 of them on bike) and who is now together with his mother Lolita (!) at 73 from Mexico City travelling through Estern Europe. I met them in a cafe and was soon offered dinner in their rented house in the neighborhood. A lovely evening in the courtyard with lot of chatting with Cato about the eternal fascination of travel life and while the gold-nugget Lolita-mother (slightly tipsy of Romanian red wine and beer) kept on fyring off weird Spanish jokes.

    The random stay at a lovely family last week in the Northen Romania Maramures region which the MetroXpress article tomorrow (Friday 19MAY06) will tell a lot more about.

    At an internet cafe here in Sighisoara I met an American lady in the beginning of her 60s who suddenly burst out “You are a darling!” when she heard some facts about WT. What’s that all about? Darling? Hmm.. but my smile has not worn off quite yet…

    That’s in addition to all the countless short acquaintances which all the time are made and keep reminding me that life is ment to be lived and my big dream is reality now.

    I was very much moved by the Maramures region where I spent the first week in Romania after 2+2 quick & dirty days in Slovakia and Hungary (I have my priorities and I apologize for the countries which were disregarded). A region which are protected by the Carpathian mountain range to the southeast and have preserved a lot of the traditions, customs and agriculture which esp. in the 20. Century have substantially reduced in the rest of Romania. Here the women still carry the traditional clothes, the men proudly carry the hats, the horses daily battle the unhandy carriages, the wood churches rise high and slim and shine over the green valleys, the air is fresh and healtly and the pace of life is constantly observed by the elder, who are sitting on the benches by the road. Only my registration of this fantastic region and timepocket have a hard time keeping up. A journey to here will never be regretted.

    Even if the Eastern European mountain ascensions are tough and instantly make me sweat then the view from the top of the mountains make it worth the struggle. I’m in good shape and I feel strong. Strong like all the cartoon heros. Though I have too much weight in my bags now as a consequence of Pablo’s sad (but temporary) departure since I now have to carry all the stuff that we used to share between us (tent, cooking equipment, books, maps etc.) and also because I have too much warm clothes with me from those chilly mornings in the northern Poland. My chins are coloured but the sommer has not started completely and the last 3 days have been rainy and hazy which I do not like but are fitting right in with the mystical Dracula-atmosphere that reign supreme at the beautyful citadel in Sighisoara in the middle of Romania.

    The WT mood is still at the top and I hope that the next newsletter will be from both Martin and I.

    Thanks for listening.


    # km, total: 2278
    #l punkteringer efter 2278 km: 0
    Number of times stopped by police: 0
    Wating at borders: 0 min.
    Crashes on bike: 0
    Diarrhea: 0
    Number of bugs in mouth: Countless
    Number of bugs in eyes: 3
    Max number of km on a day: 143
    Min. number of km on a day: 62
    Min. cost on a day: 18 DKK
    Max cost on a day: Approx. 230 DKK
    Max. speed: 63 km/t