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    The Milestones

    This expedition changes the ways I look at the world and it changes the way the world looks at me…For every 1000 km you can follow how the world physically changes me

    1000 km. Southern Poland.

    2000 km. Romania.

    3000 km. Bulgaria

    4000 km. Turkey.

    Just bagged 5000 kilometers!

    6000 km. Turkey.

    7000 km. 15AUG06. Azerbaijan.

    8000 km...Near Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

    9000 km. Just entered China from Irkechstam, Kyrgyzstan.

    10.000 km. Just outside of Ali, Tibet.

    11.000 km. East of Pokhara, Nepal

    12001. Near Dalat, southern Vietnam. January 2007.

    13.000 km

    14.000. Xam Neua. Laos.

    15.000 km. Chiang Mai - Thailand...

    16.000 km. Near Samut Sakhon, Central Thailand.

    17.000 km. South of Hua Sai. Southern Thailand

    18.000 km. North of Kuantan, Eastern Malaysia.

    19.000 kms. Central Java's south coast. Indonesia.

    20.000 km. South Bali, Indonesia.

    21.000 km. Cox Peninsular Road, Near Darwin, NT - Oz.

    22.000 km. South of Renner Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.

    23.000 km. South of Erldunda. Northern Territory. Australia.

    24.000 km. Just south of Port Augusta, South Australia.

    25.000 km. North of Robe, South Australia.

    26.500 km. Between Foster and Sale, Victoria, Australia.

    27.000 km. North of Eden. New South Wales, Australia.

    29.000 km. Milford Sound Road, New Zealand.

    30.000 km. Near Punakaiki Pancake Rocks, West Coast, New Zealand.

    31.000 km. Rotorua, New Zealand.

    32.000 km. Foa Island. Ha'apai Archipelago, Tonga.

    33.000 km. Los Andes, Chile.

    34.000 km. Los Robles, NW Argentina.

    35.000 km. North of Villazón, southern Bolivia

    36.000 km. Near Leque Palca Village, Bolivia.

    37.000 km. Near Limatambo, Peru.

    38.000 km. North of Chilca, south of Lima, Peru.

    39.000 km. 78 km south of Chiclayo, northern Peru...

    40.000 km. Just north of Latacunga, central Ecuador.

    41.000 km. B/t Zarzal and Cartago, central Colombia.

    42.000 km. Near La Margarita, Panama.

    43.000 km. West of Esparza, Costa Rica.

    44.000 km. San Miguel, El Salvador.

    45.000 km. East of Tapanatepec, Mexico.

    46.000 km. 30 km south of Tampico, Mexico.

    47.000 km. Northeast of Bay City, Texas, USA)

    48.000 km. Near Mississippi/Alabama border, USA.

    49.000 km. North of Eulonia, Georgia, USA.

    50.000 km. Near Brandy, Currituck County, North Carolina, USA

    51.000 km, leaving New York City.

    52.000 km. Near Pontneuf, Quebec, Canada.

    53.000 km. Just north of Foso, Ghana.

    54.000 km. Just west of Sabou, Burkina Faso, West Africa.

    55.000 km. Central Mali.

    56.000 km. West of Ndioum, Senegal.

    57.000 km. Just outside of Tarfaya, Morocco.

    58.000 km. South of Casablanca, Morocco.

    59.000 km. Los Alcázares, Spain.

    60.000 km. West of Carcassonne, southern France.