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    These in-the-field soundbites and voice diary recordings are either in Danish or English. The should open in your normal audio player (Winamp, Windows Media Player etc.). Obviously, sound quality varies…

    Soundbites (Danish):

    31 JUL 2009: Searching for a night camp in Vermont, US (Danish)

    01 AUG 2009: On the US/Canadian border (Danish)

    02 AUG 2009: The Hurting Ass (Danish)

    25 AUG 2009: In Boston, Smelling Africa (Danish)

    04 SEP 2009: NÃ¥r lykken smiler. Cape Coast, Ghana (Danish)

    Soundbites (English):

    25 AUG 2009: In Boston, Smelling Africa (English)

    07 SEP 2009: Roadside meeting with Victoria, the Ashanti (English)