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    WT-brochure, page 1.

    WT-brochure, page 2.

    Download the brochure (PDF-file) here!

    The Africa Expedition Brochure 2012

    Banff Mountain Film Festival 2010, Copenhagen.


    ”Nicolai is a perfect combination of Danish open-mindedness, and that universal understanding of people and cultures.”

    ”…a true inspiration to many, a talented writer and photographer, and words cannot express how much I will miss following your journey. What is so amazing is your perseverance even in the face of adversity. So many angry roads, biting winds, odd stares and inclement weather yet you never gave up. I am grateful for your candor, the stories you shared, and your personal challenges. You have made me laugh and cry.”

    Getting interviewed just before the showcasing of my WT-trailer movie at the Banff Mountain Film Festival 2010. October 4th, 2010 in Copenhagen.

    ”Your journey fulfills my heart with the extraordinary endangered material called HOPE.”

    ”It’s so huge, what you did, that it made me cry.”

    ”Absolutely amazing!! I have no other words for it!”

    Talk at the Kajak Caféen. Copenhagen, Denmark

    ”You have captured your experience in an extraordinary way.
    Keep your open-mindness, your open-eyes, the world needs people like you!”

    ”An absolutely amazing voyage through life. You are a wonderful inspiration in many ways.”

    ”So many thousands of kilometers, in so many breathtaking landscapes. Very motivating and a
    character shaping/defining journey.”

    ”I can only imagine the progression you have made as a human being, as a voyage of discovery, of the world, and of yourself. Pretty epic. Thank you for being part of the inspiration to hopefully turn my dream into a reality.”

    ”…learning of your incredible adventure inspired every molecule in my body, and stirred me to the very core of my being.”


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    Email: nb@worldtravellers.dk
    Cellular: (+45) 21 85 87 90

    Nicolai Bangsgaard