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    Dag 6

    Dag 6 – 28. november 2005: Gorges du Todra -> Imilchil
    Distance (km) : 114 km
    Tid på cyklen : 7:19t
    Gnms.fart : 15.51 km/t
    Total (km) : 527

    Carrying the burden of life. Tamtattouchte, High Atlas.

    Funeral ceremony near Aït Hani. November 2005.

    Bad road conditions on the way to Imilchil, High Atlas.

    Eternal springtime near Agoudal, High Atlas

    The tough, tough climb up Tizi Tirherhouzine (2700m)

    Solitude in the mountains near the Tizi Tinherhouzine pass (2700m)

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