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    Dag 13

    Dag 13 – 5. december 2005: Hviledag i Zagora og omegn
    Distance (km) : 10 km
    Tid på cyklen : 1:00t
    Gnms.fart : 10.00 km/t
    Total (km) : 1131


    Dromedaries also come in a albino version in Zagora.

    Cloud formations over a deserted market place in Zagora. December 2005.

    Zagora café...

    Hotel Kasbah Asmaa - nicely decorated but out of my league. Zagora 2005.

    Fancy a haircut? Zagora, south-eastern Morocco

    Testicle at the butchery - bon appetit! Zagora, Morocco.

    Zagora girl in the setting sun

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