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    Dag 19

    Dag 19 – 11. december 2005: Hvileday i Tafraoute

    Palm grove outside Tafraoute, December 2005.


    Cactus fruit in Tazekka village.

    Tazekka village anno 2005

    Beauty, part II

    Beauty in Tazekka village, december 2005.

    Handfeeding mule near Tafraoute.

    Reflections in Tafraoute, 2005.

    Flowers and shadows, Hotel Tanger, Tafraoute.

    The shadow of Le Chapeau de Napoleon, Napoleon's Hat - Aguerd-Oudad's claim to fame.

    Puppy, Tazekka village.

    Decorative front door in Tazekka village, Tafraoute.

    Drying clothes in the December sun. Tafraoute.

    Hotel Tanger - 2,50 USD/night, sun deck included!

    Nossa terra maravilhosa...

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