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    What to bring (and not to bring)

    I soon found out what’s essential to bring – and more important not to bring – on a longer travel by bicycle…

    Things I could have done without:

    1. Small towel
    2. Clothes-pegs
    3. Deodorant (!)
    4. 10L water tank
    5. 1 long-sleeved jersey
    6. 5 minidiscs (had 10 with me)
    7. Lines/wires
    8. Condoms (surprise! Morocco is Arabic territory)
    9. Dental floss
    10. 1 guide book (had 2 with me)

    Things that I missed:

    1. Rags for cleaning the bike
    2. Thermo underwear (the mountains were chilly)
    3. Extra pants (for those cold evenings)
    4. Sudoku (never leave home without)
    5. More coolmax-socks
    6. Books
    7. 1 empty minidisc for sound recordings
    8. Easy listening ‘goodnight’ music
    9. Waterproof gloves
    10. Antibiotics

    Things that came in handy:

    1. Rear view mirror
    2. Kleenex mini (unless you use the left hand in the toilet!)
    3. Mepyramin (lotion for those itching bed bugs bites)
    4. Gaffa tape
    5. Fleece jacket (never thought I’d need one of those…)
    6. Codes for my internet bank account
    7. Gloves
    8. Trainers
    9. Suntan lotion

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