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    Day 854 – Roxanna #2 (UK)

    Paola and I in Parque Mahuida, Santiago - Chile

    Here I am, not even 20 hours after my Santiago arrival, in some suburban forest park with Paola and a bunch of new faces (soon to be friends – there’s no better social glue than cervezas!).

    New Chilean friend in Santiago.

    (no, I did not lose two cosmetically vital teeth lately. Must have been that red wine or something…)

    I was surprised at realizing that having a BBQ in the park (all year – this is high winter now) is a great pastime here in Chile as well. How stupid of me to think that those BBQs was an entirely Australian thing.

    Seeing the snow-capped Andes mountains virtually just behind the city is a very exciting sight for me, yet a bit scary as well knowing that in a little while I’ll be pushing myself and the fat Koga bike up that steep rock face.

    Empanada de pino. Santiago, Chile.

    Lots of conversation (mostly in (still) broken Spanish, plus German, English, and Portuguese. A bit schizophrenic if you ask me, but really entertaining. Everyone wants their own WT run-down from that blond stranger in the pack.

    It’s a full-on South American beginning for me.

    Dinner with Emma, Pedro, and Paola. Santiago, August 2008.

    Just because I took care of the dishes today, I was immediately called Roxanna 2. Roxanna is not a bad name, but it is a girl’s name and also the name of the housemaid here. They all laughed a lot.

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 854 – Roxanna #2 (UK)”

    1. Paola Says:

      hahahahaha…roxana 2 !!!…thanks 4 washing the dishes!!!

    2. Nicolai Says:

      But I was mocked, Paola. From now on I’ll stick to walking the dog! 😉

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