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    Day 946 – Negro Mayo -> Puquio (hotel)

    Negro Mayo -> Puquio (hotel)
    Distance (km) : 75
    Time on bike : 3h 20m
    Brutto time: 07.30 – 11.00
    Avg : 23.0 km/h
    Max.speed: 57.8
    Total (km) : 37.416
    Altitude (end of day): Ca. 3.400 m

    (Text to come)

    Negra Mayo on the Peruvian altiplano...

    Rustic brekkie spot in Negra Mayo, Peru.

    Peruvian pampas east of Puquio.

    It was pretty much just me, the llamas and the pampas.

    Another cool downhill awaits me just before Puquio, Peru.

    Puquio back street.

    Puquio poster.

    Puquio's main drag...

    Moto taxi in Puquio, Peru.

    Puquio main square.

    Puquio night scene + ghost

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    2 Responses to “Day 946 – Negro Mayo -> Puquio (hotel)”

    1. Lisa C Says:

      I love it– the Peruvian version of a tuk tuk!

      Same same but different….

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Yeah, it’s very much “same same but different” here. 🙂

      Peruvian tuk-tuks. Still haven’t tried them out. My bike is the jealous kind of bike, so it (or SHE as people want me to say) doesn’t really allow me…

      Nicolai (Lima, Peru)

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