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    Day 1.010 – Timbío -> Popayán (hostel) (UK)

    Timbío -> Popayán (hostel)
    Distance (km) : 15
    Time on bike : 0h 32m
    Brutto time: 10.00 – 10.35
    Avg : 27.5 km/h
    Max.speed: 62.0
    Total (km) : 40.676
    Altitude: 1.750 m
    Difficulty: ½ of 5

    Another marathon night! 12 hours of straight and sound sleep in my little 3.50 USD prison cell room just 20 m from the thundering Panamerican Hwy. God bless my earplugs.

    Timbío main drag which is also part of the Panamerican Hwy...Just south of Popayán, Colombia.

    Fictive conversation with myself today:

    Someone: So, Nicolai, what did you do in southern Colombia?
    Me: Well, I slept and I rode my bike, occasionally interrupted by food and drink intake on the 2nd floor, and subsequently about the equivalent output on the 1st floor.
    Someone: Sounds kind of trivial, doesn’t it. Are you enjoying yourself?
    Me: Every single minute of it…

    Horse-cart in downtown Popayán, southern Colombia.

    At the local bakery/cafeteria in Timbío I instantly feel my inner gear box switch to Fugitive Mode as a guy starts striking up a conversation with me, all smiling and enthusiastic. Most of the other guests in the bakery keep staring at me. But I’m not in the mood for chit-chatting at this pre-coffee and pre-brekkie (or at any other, truth be told) time of the day. I get my stuff from the counter, sit down next to my bike parked outside, and try to look as busy as possible, reading my diary, looking at maps, sipping my coffee.

    La Cuidad Blanca. Don't know what all these people were waiting for...

    Today’s ride to Popayán’s an easy one. Even before the sweat, my usual companion, is to be found on my forehead, Popayán’s there. 10.35 AM. I check in at the web-recommended Hostal Trail, where a bunk bed, kitchen facilities, free wifi (a feat I’m going to make huge use of), central location, int’l travellers, and a lovely staff and great atmosphere sets me back 15.000 Colombian pesos, about 7 USD.

    Popayán street scene...

    Popayán is a beautiful, colonial city (ca. 250.000 inhab.) at 1.560 m.a.s. It’s called The White City due to the colour of most houses in the colonial centre. My first walk around town leaves me with the impression the “I’m going to stay here right until the attraction of the road gets greater than the attraction of the city”. Well, it’s normally like that.

    Ludo action in downtown Popayán, Colombia...

    Besides the attraction of the city, the attraction of the contrast between being (or feeling like) a semi-savage, dirty, centre-of-attention, sort of homeless, pedal-pushing vagabond and being a clean, clean-shaven (it doesn’t take a lot, admittedly), more-anonymous citizen with a room for the night, is a great one, and the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde transformation never stops fascinating me.

    Ludo action in downtown Popayán, Colombia...

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Day 1.010 – Timbío -> Popayán (hostel) (UK)”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Hi mate you are in colombia? I hope all the things are going in the right way, have heaps of fun.
      All the best (from bronte beach!!!)

    2. Ricardo Tampier Says:

      Hi mate you are in colombia? I hope all the things are going in the right way, have heaps of fun.
      All the best (from bronte beach!!!)

    3. Nicolai Says:

      Hola Ricardo RockStar…

      Yeah, in Colombia now. It’s all great. I do envy you a little though, being in Sydney and Bronte Beach. Enjoy it, my friend.

      Tandem Thoughts, Nicolai

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