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    Schwalbe Test Driver… (UK)

    On WT Expedition Day #171, on September 27th 2006, I changed my front tyre (after 8.900 km since departure) in what could easily be on of the prettiest spots on Earth for doing just that, changing tyres. I was in southern Kyrgyzstan near Sary Tash on my way to Kashgar in the Xinjiang Province, Western China.

    Having a flat tyre in Kyrgyzstan!

    Little did I know, that it would be another 818 days until I had to do that again.

    On Day 999, after 30.807 km on the same Schwalbe Marathon XR tyre, I decided to call it a day and give the hard-working tyre a final and well-deserved rest. I had just 2 regular thing-through-the-tyre flats on that front tyre in 2 years and 3 months.


    There a general consensus among long-distance cyclists that the German company Schwalbe makes the best and most durable tyres in the world which my 30K+ km just bear witness to.

    Thus, I’m very glad and honoured that Schwalbe has offered me a new set of their brand new 2009 model Marathon Extreme to take for a (hopefully long and puncture-free) test drive around the world (and thanks to my friend Ragge for bringing them over to me in Peru).

    This is how it looks on my Koga, and I’m quite excited to see how it performs.

    Schwalbe Marathon Extreme!

    In return for the tyres – and a big thank you to Product Manager at Schwalbe, Carsten Zahn – I just need to make a little stat report and deliver the tyres back to the company for further inspection.

    It feels like a nice thing to add the tag Schwalbe Test Driver to my status. The cyclists out there would know what I’m talking about…

    God Bless and long live my new Marathon Extreme!

    Nicolai (Popayán, Colombia)

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Schwalbe Test Driver… (UK)”

    1. Peter Failes Says:

      Having extensively used both the Marathon XRs and Marathon Extreme. How do they compare.? I want the Marathon Extremes because they seem to offer much better traction on off-road gravel/ sand etc which I intend to focus on; but also seem to be faster or at least no less slow on bitumen; + bomb proof re durability – maybe equally as good XRs; and maybe ok in the wet too. Basically a tire that does everthing!! Some people have suggested that the open tire pattern of the extreme would be a drag and the xr would be better. Well there would be no one better with more experience to review the comparison.


    2. Kasper Navrbjerg Says:

      Carsten Zahn from Scwalbe is an allthrough great cyclist. I rode with him for 6 days in 2008 from Austria to Italy…


      He also likes beers 🙂

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