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    Day 1.011 – On Colombian Cuisine and Image (UK)

    One of the surprising joys of entering a new country for me, is to try and get acquainted with the local cuisine. I never (in pre-WT-times) really paid much attention to this culinary part of travelling, but things have changed (said the permanently hungry cyclist).

    Apart from update-writing on this site, I’ve basically done nothing to write home about. Been hanging out at the great and laid-back Hostel Trail all day (raining anyway, so what better idea than catching up on the world and letting the world catch up on you), eating müsli with cold milk, chatting with fellow travellers.

    The rain stopped just a few hours ago, so I ventured out to have a sample of the local south Colombian cuisine. The ubiquitous arepa was first up in a hole-in-the-wall local fast food eatery (comida rápida). A filling and delicious little thing for just over 0.50 USD.

    On a dimly-lit backstreet of downtown Popayán I found this lady selling chicken tamales wrapped up in a corn husk from a plastic bucket. 0.70 USD a piece and I was set for the night. Great stuff, that comida colombiana

    Like everything else, really, that I’ve been in contact with here in Colombia – the people, the mountainscapes, the prices, the optimism. The list goes on.

    The major problem with Colombia, as I see it (after just a few days in the country, but after listening to a lot of second or third-hand stories about the dangers of the country), is the huge image problem that decades of internal conflicts, drug wars, and foreign kidnappings have left behind. All the front-page rage that spread around the world in the 1980s and early 1990s documenting how crazily dangerous and out-of-hand the security situation in Colombia was.

    Whenever (if ever) I see or feel something that just waguely justifies the preconceived mental horror picture that many of us have of the Republic of Colombia, I’ll let you know…

    And BTW, I’ll work my way backwards this time in order to fully update the diary…Keep coming back, will you?

    On this day..


    One Response to “Day 1.011 – On Colombian Cuisine and Image (UK)”

    1. Ben Scalas Says:

      I recently visit by bike Venezuela north-west and met some colombian people frontier worker, they loked to me nice kind and frendly rich in good human mood.
      colombia is going better then past time for sure.

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