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    Day 43 – Sibiu -> Fagaras

    With the strong sun on our bare backs, it was a fantastic, postive and uplifting day in the saddle alongside Stefan the German.
    We rode along the Olt River most of the day, enjoying pretty views of the Faragas Mountains towards the South. Feel great having met Stefan, a social pedagog (1976) from Cologne/Berlin. Naturally enough, there are many more smiles about now, compared to travelling alone. (It would be crazy if it were otherwise, wouldn’t it?). Our daily rhythmns (wake up calls, lunch break rituals, etc.) are quite similar, so we get on well together.
    We had a late afternoon break near Faragas Castle, and continued East out side the city, and found a nice little spot for setting up camp.
    On the “plus” side, I tally up the flowing river, the billowing green fields, the cold Romanian beer, the hot pasta and the expenses (0,-). On the “minus” side; the night traffic- only 50 meters from our camp, and when we arrived at dusk- the mosquitoes awoke from their day slumber and migrated over to me. Stefan had smeared himself in with Autan mosquito balsam. Bloody irritating German!;)
    Nearly 300g pasta, a half liter coffee, a liter of beer, and a lot of talking in the dark made the night unforgettable. Great to be back on the Wild Camping track again.
    Five mosquitoes, who had optimistically taken residence in the tent around midnight, lost their lives tragically- after my arrival.

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