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    Day 57 – Varna -> Nesebar

    Rather unexpectedly this morning, Stefan announced he had a need to ride on his own – at least until he gets to Istanbul. The reasons are many: he needs to focus on his own journey, and find his own rythmn- instead of feeling like he is following me. Needs to clear his thoughts and rediscover himself in the transitory everyday. He reassured me many times that I mustn’t take it personally. He said he didn’t even know if it was the right decision, but felt he had no choice- but to do this.
    I was surprised, but could certainly understand him and his situation. When I got back on the road again, and reset my inner compass, it felt pretty good.

    Beautiful sunny day with plenty of small mountains and one killer one (20min. hard ride)- and much more scarcely populated, thanI had imagined the Black Sea coast to be.
    Hold a short break for lunch- but otherwise ride straight through the day. Lots of sweat on my sunglasses.

    Get hit by rain just before Nesebar, making me take cover at a petrol station. The streets become small rivers, and the traffic is slowed by the waters. The girl behind the counter informs me there is no camping spot nearby. Hmm…cross the tip of the peninsula- from the new part of the city- to the old town in Nesebar, and look about for some decent place to stay the night. I might be taking these places for granted, but I soon find a great fifth floor apartment with a 180 degree panorama balcony view of the Black Sea, private bath, TV and a soft bed. My Israeli father has influenced me in a few areas of life(;)). I put the owner in a cognitive vice and quickly had him on his knees. The apartment is mine for 95DKK instead of his usual rate of 150DKK – my night’s sleep is assured! It’s a bit over budget, but tomorrow is my MetroXpress article writing day, so I allow myself a little (more) luxury, and pay happily for the piece of mind.

    The French Open is on tv- a childhood favourite- and after a nice evening stroll i the cozy streets of Nesebar, I crawl into the soft bed…

    On this day..


    One Response to “Day 57 – Varna -> Nesebar”

    1. Bex Says:

      Du mÃ¥ se at vende cyklen sÃ¥ du kan være i Rumænien – Constanta. OmrÃ¥det hedder Mamaia – den 5. august. Jeg gir sgu en fadøl 😉


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