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    Execise execise!


    My knee has improved much now and it means that a lot of my times goes with execising my knee to make it strong enough so I can meet up with Nicolai again in Turkey. I started out very slow with biking only 5-10 km per day and increasing that amount a little every day. Today I biked almost 30 km without feeling the least pain in my knee. That’s great! At the same time I’ve started to execise at the gym FitnessDK ABC on Frederiksberg. They have helped me a lot there esp. execise leders Anders Weicher who have made a special recovery execise program for me and he follows up on the program every week. Thanks a lot Anders and FitnessDK!

    The good weather has returned to Denmark again and I enjoy it fully! Either in Frederiksberg garden or Islands brygge! Brilliant! I’m hanging out quite a bit with my Skater-punk-friend Mikkel (AKA. Beauty Box!) (See picture below!) otherwise most of my time is of course spend with my fantastic girlfriend Kimi (yes – so it’s not so bad to spend the summer here in Denmark 😉 )

    A preliminary plan is to meet up with Nicolai in Turkey one of the first weeks in Juli. It all depends on my knee of course and if it’s strong enough to follow Nicolai on his wild daytrips 🙂


    On this day..


    10 Responses to “Execise execise!”

    1. Sam Says:

      Hej Pabs !

      Godt at høre, at det gÃ¥r fremad med knæet. HÃ¥ber pÃ¥, at du bliver klar inden længe….

      Og hvad fanden…har du klippet Beauty Box’s krøller af???

      Kan sgu slet ikke kende ham længere….Han ligner jo “Lille Virgil”


    2. Martin Says:

      Hey Sam!

      hehehe.. ja, han er slet ikke til at kende, vel? 🙂 men smart, DET er han sgu blevet!


    3. Sam Says:

      …Smarte Box !

    4. Fjumse Says:

      Hej drenge…Det er fandme godt at se, Box…Som Sam saa rigtigt siger, saa er det jo en helt ny Lille Virgil, vi her har med at goere. Ogsaa cykelstoeerelsen er i oejenhoejde med Lille Virgil!

      Sidder her i lunkne Istanbul og storgriner over denne traad. Boys, I miss you!

      Fedt at hoere, Pabs, at Anders og Fitnessdk tager sig godt af dig – jeg vil goere det samme, naar vi atter moedes et sted i Tyrkiet.

      Kaerligst, Nicolai

    5. pedallo pete Says:

      Well done Martin….just think.the World Cup will be over in just a week, and then you’ll be free to join Nico again !

      Ole, ole ole ole !!

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