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    Day 1.137 – Privacy in New Orleans

    0 km etc.

    Texas, the ex-stray dog found in...Texas by Ray and Emily...

    Ray and Emily are going on holidays up in the US north east corner for some two weeks, starting today with a long drive up to Rhode Island. Amazingly, they’ve let me stay in their apartment, for as long as I want, as if it was the most normal thing in the world to leave your house to some guy that you knew nothing about 15 hours earlier. I just promise to water Ray’s tomato and watermelon plants in the backyard, and that’s it.

    French toasts with maple syrup, made and served by Emily! Mmm...

    Yet again I’m stunned by their/the US hospitality and trust (not that I’m not a trustworthy person, you know), and though it’s a shame (not this kind of shame 🙂 ) that we didn’t get to hang out more, sharing stories from the road etc, I do feel exhilaratingly happy about the prospect of having my own (cliché’s coming) home away from home for a little while here in New Orleans.

    Emily, Ray and Texas...

    There’s so much stuff on the internet I want to catch up on (will this lacuna of general info about the world around me do any damage to me in the long run and will my shrinking brain volume ever get back to normal after 3-4 years on the road? I don’t know), and so I spend most of the day deeply buried in the intricate alleyways of the 3xW. With unlimited @, kitchen, and cable TV access I can’t really imagine a more desirable setting for myself right now.

    I only venture out of the apartment for a little walk, to buy 2 second hand books (0.50 $ each, thought I could afford it), and to take this photo: Sexy, isn’t it?


    On this day..


    One Response to “Day 1.137 – Privacy in New Orleans”

    1. Diana LaBeau Says:

      Don’t get too comfy – My is waiting for you and will get jealous! It rained VERY hard on the west coast of FL yestserday. I can’t remember when I’ve seen so much rain without a hurricane or some kind of serious storm.

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