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    Day 1.139 – The Road Ahead

    New Orleans downtown...

    Bourbon Street, The French Quarter, New Orleans.

    I’ve been battling with a lack of motivation and being tired all day. My mind needs a good rest, needs to not think about anything, but it seems like that’s not going to happen, with free internet access and lots of things to catch up on.

    Have been trying to figure out where I’m going to end my US travels: In Miami, FL or in New York. Am tempted going all the way to the Big Apple, and reckon I’ll have enough time (my visa is 3 months in total) without pushing the envelope.

    On the other hand, leaving from Miami – which is basically just a bit down the road, just turn right after the panhandle – would give me more time (well, I guess I have unlimited time) on the African continent, and would possibly open up more West African territory.

    To cut it down (it’s a bit more complex in my part of the jungle), it’s either Miami or New York, then either Ghana or Senegal and from there up through West/Northwest Africa, Western Europe and Denmark.

    I’ve found some pretty good flight deals, e.g:

    1. NYC-Accra, Ghana on July 24, nonstop (my Koga bike likes that part), 1.200 USD


    2. NYC-Lagos, Nigeria, July 29, 1 stop, at just 760 USD.

    or the quick-and-dirty one

    3. Atlanta-Dakar, Senegal, June 30, nonstop, 1.220 USD.

    Guess I just have to keep pedalling, antennas out and all, in order to figure out the route…

    Entertainment on Bourbon Street...

    Shop on Frenchmen Street, New Orleans.

    Meanwhile, I’ll just put some more photos from yesterday’s sightseeing in downtown New Orleans on the dashboard…

    That's my girl!

    Tune of the Day: Wish You Well – Bernard Fanning

    The New Orleans street car...

    Inside the New Orleans street car...

    Inside the New Orleans street car...

    Library on St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans.

    Eventually, I do manage to get out, to get away from the laptop and in to the mad nightlife of Bourbon Street. What a crazy, happening street. I don’t really talk to a lot of people tonight, I just people-watch, drink my beers cruising the street, listen to some good live rock music, and walk the 5 km back home to Dufossat Street in the middle of the night, because I’m too cheap for taxis.

    On this day..


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