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    I’m off to Turkmenistan…

    It’s time for me to leave Caucasus as I’m hopefully getting onboard the Turkmenistan ferry tomorrow across the Caspian Sea. I might be a rare guest in WT-territory in the 5 days that my transit visa allows me to be in the country. Internet is a rarity in Turkmenistan so I guess I’ll be pretty quiet until I reach Uzbekistan.

    Mentally I’m really ready for Central Asia now but the body’s been weak and my head’s been feeling like a ball of concrete the last 2 days here in the Azeri capital Baku. Too bad ‘cos I wanted to explore this oil boom town but c’est la vie

    Till then and – as a fellow cyclist said – keep’em words coming, they keep me going!


    On this day..


    3 Responses to “I’m off to Turkmenistan…”

    1. Noah, Thomas & Line Says:

      Hej Nicolaj

      Vi følger dig dagligt her på hjemmesiden, Noah har følgende kommentar til din faren udi verden:

      nj cnjc xjc nc nv cnc nvc cvncvnn b nbvvbnjhnnvbjbjvfdjiuxchvfdhujujhdfvxuvfuuuuuunkxcnnnnnnnnnnnnnnb nb jknb

      Noah, Thomas & Line

    2. Fjumse Says:

      Haha – Noah har altid været en god ven af mig, Thomas!!! Han er jo rent guld, den dreng…Og han har jo ret! Det er et skørt projekt, det her…

      Kærligst, Nicolai

    3. HIB Bathroom mirrors Says:

      How long do you spend a day coming up with stuff like this?

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