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    Dag 1.231 – David Greybeard (UK)

    N of Eustis -> Forest S of Auburn
    Distance (km) : 158
    Time on bike : 8h 23m
    Brutto time: 07.20 – 20.05
    Avg : 18.8 km/h
    Max.speed: 67.3
    Total (km) : 52.542
    Altitude: 50 m
    Difficulty: 4.5 of 5

    Morning at Flagstaff Lake, Maine.

    Eustis, Maine. A weird place.

    158 km and 8 hrs 23 min in the saddle today, despite another interrupting rain break in the afternoon, doesn’t leave much time for photographic whims or even snacks. It’s all focused pedaling today, and though my ass is complaining and sore, it feels good to really work my body through, and to feel the exhaustion slowly catching up with me as the day grows old.

    Shelter from the rain!

    Køb denne dag – og blive en del af WTs Hall of Fame 🙂

    I saw a dead cat in the road side today. It always makes me sad. Presumably, the same kind of sadness that Jane Goodall, the Mother of Chimps, felt when David Greybeard died…

    Wild Camp south of Auburn.

    On this day..


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