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    WT Top 16 Value-For-Money-lande (UK)

    – This list is primarily based on a quality/price ratio (prices for food, accommodation, and over-all daily needs), but more delicate factors such as infrastructure, general standard of living, standard of restaurants/food stalls, hygiejne, availability of food and drinking water etc. are also included in the final – and, do keep in mind, thoroughly personal – verdict.

    – Vietnam and Indonesia might strictly speaking be the cheapest countries I’ve been to, but in this context they are overtaken by other countries (e.g Thailand) on the equally important quality-parameter.

    – Bolivia is generally cheaper than neighboring Peru, but Peru generally sports a higher standard of living, better infrastructure, higher standard of accommodation, wider range of goods, which explains its ranking above Bolivia.

    – A note on the USA; I haven’t considered the accommodation price parameter since I very rarely (twice!) paid for my accommodation during my 3-month stay (thanks to all lawns and hosts involved). If I were to include this in the assessment, it would have knocked out the US of this list. But as in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand (who didn’t make the list) you do get a lot of freebies (e.g beautiful libraries with books, magazines, wifi, clean toilets) that you’d have to pay for in other countries, and I found the ubiquitous and extremely well-stocked supermarkets very good value and of a high standard.

    WT Top 16 Value-For-Money Countries

    1. Thailand
    2. Nepal
    3. Peru
    4. Vietnam
    5. Indonesia
    6. Bolivia
    7. Morocco
    8. Colombia
    9. Ecuador
    10. Mexico
    11. Nicaragua
    12. Guatemala
    13. Malaysia
    14. Argentina
    15. USA
    16. Ghana

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