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    Day 1.336 – Candlelight dinner for one (UK)

    Alicante -> Gata de Gorgos
    Distance (km) : 88
    Time on bike : 4h 36m
    Brutto time: 11.55 – 17.55
    Avg : 19.1 km/h
    Max.speed: 46.7
    Total (km) : 59.176
    Altitude: 100 m
    Difficulty: 2½

    I took only one shot while in Alicante. No justice for such a fine place. My apologies.

    I went out last night – in my rain gear since all my off-bike clothes were at the hotel’s laundry – or, as my Facebook status stated:

    NB went out drinking solo in Alicante on Friday, in nothing but his full-body rain gear (it was laundry time), and soon fell into a heavy drinking bout with a bunch of mid-20s students. (Whether the Silver Monk had any luck on the dance floor in this unusual outfit, is left untold). Valencia it is now…

    Guess that was a first (and likely last) of for me. Goretex and all.

    Anyway, this is my one and only Alicante shot:

    Alicante - my only shot from that city.

    But worry not, ‘cos there are so many beautiful corners in Spain, and today was to disclose more of them…

    This, my dearest, is a mandarine tree. There are millions of them (along with orange trees) in this region of Spain. All full of fresh fruit. It’s called Temptation. Take it from me, the permanently hungry cyclist.

    A Place Called Temptation!

    Near Villajoyosa...

    …and the same mountain, a bit closer (‘cos that’s how you like it)


    The easy way to cross a mountain ridge...

    Rumour has it that the European mass charter tourism all started in Benidorm way back. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know. I just read it somewhere. But I do know that this is how it looks today…

    Benidorm skyline...

    It was a fine place for my second dose of wonderful müesli with kiwi fruits and milk.

    Benidorm's Playa Poniente.

    Sitting there, on the white stony bench, I received the compliment of the day, when an elderly, British lady (grey-haired segment) suddenly said to me:

    Lady: I’m looking at your legs…You’ve got great legs!
    NB: (a little baffled) Uh, thank you…I pedaled 60.000 km around the world to get them…
    Lady: Oh, really! (and walks away with her husband (also grey))

    End of story.

    Sans Le Koga:

    Benidorm's Playa Poniente.


    Told you. Citrus everywhere.

    Just north of Benidorm

    Cove north of Altea

    Great cycling between Altea and Calp...

    Hacienda-style architecture...

    Looking down on Calp village...

    Another magnificent Spanish sunset...

    My evening camp is nothing but perfect. I turn off the main road, walk up a stony path, find a grassy plateau, no wind, no bugs, no one knowing I’m here, no disturbances, perfect. I feel romantic tonight, so from my panniers I dig out the candle light that I bought in central Mali (and that melted badly in West Africa, but nonetheless still works), prepare my canned meatballs, with olives, tomatoes, fresh baguette, and a beer, thinking life is so much better than its reputation.

    Candle light dinner for one...

    If you’d been in my life, you would’ve been sitting right there too, listening to the night, and since I was being romantic, I would’ve probably shared a few of my meatballs too…

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 1.336 – Candlelight dinner for one (UK)”

    1. Maarten Says:

      you are really sprinting your way up north……
      Any chance you make it to Holland??? If you do, please know we would love to host you (we have a nice room for tired travellars!) and hear more stories.
      Keep up to good spirit (and bush camping!)


      Ilse Maarten & Lilou

    2. Moises Says:

      I’m from barcelona and I really love what you’re doing. I’m 21 and I have been riding a bicicle since I was a child but I made my first long travel last summer when I made the “camino de santiago”(1000km aprox) alone. Oviously it is nothing compared with your trip but I feel that it is only the begining. Websites like this encourage me to do more. Congratulations!

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