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    African Odyssey – a new WT-documentary out now!

    I’ve spent most of the last two days editing this new documentary from Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Mali, West Africa.

    It’s an interesting and laborious process making these mini-movies – even though the process of cutting down hours of footage to the final product, a mere 8 minutes, involves a lot of “kill your darlings”.

    I’m quite pleased with this movie. After all, there’s nothing like being the star of your own movie, right…

    Full-screen, HQ mode recommended. Comments welcome.

    Sit back. Enjoy a slice of West Africa.

    Nicolai (Givet, France)

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    5 Responses to “African Odyssey – a new WT-documentary out now!”

    1. Quentin Says:

      What a great video ! It reveals the definitely need to see Africa.
      Thanks for all those movies and stories Nicolai.
      Hoping your knee heals quickly.

    2. Chris Says:

      Such a wonderful continent that is unfortunately often misrepresented in the media.

      I do love the footage of the street with the yellow cars where it appears that no one has learned to drive, but may aswell give it a bash anyway. I am amazed you made it through in one piece!

    3. Quentin Says:

      I guess you probably already seen that video :

    4. Maarten Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      how wonderfull to watch your beautiful movies on a lazy sundaymorning. We are enjoying the views, comments and even our little girl Lilou (20 months old) is watching breathlessly to all the great shots.
      Thanks for sharing this! Hopefully you recover soon to finsih this amazing trip of yours……
      See you up here (sooner or later)
      Greetings from Holland
      Ilse Maarten & Lilou

    5. Thomas O. Says:

      Hej fra snefyldte Munchen… Netop nydt 8 minutters dokumentar fra Vestafrika :-)… Skoen video! Og maatte jo grine hoejt over den sidste kommentar paa svingende fynsk om bryster “saa der er noget at se paa” 🙂

      Ioevrigt en lille sidekommentar. Riis holdte nytaarskur for Strib drengene for et par uger siden. Snakken gik bla. lystigt om WT ekspeditionen… Og spoergsmaalet, der hang i luften… What’s next? Jeg mener – en smule svaert at blive udfordret fremover efter 4 aars cykel tur rundt om jorden…?

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