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    Denmark Calling (tomorrow)!

    Over the last 1.402 days I’ve cycled 62.000 km on an uninterrupted solo ride around the world – the longest in Danish history, by the way.

    Since the departure from Denmark April 10, 2006 I’ve cycled through 53 countries on 6 continents and now, 4 years later, it’s almost over.

    Tomorrow, Tuesday February 08, 2010 I’ll thus cross the Danish/German border at noon, 12.00PM at the Niehuus/Padborg crossing (see this link for more info).

    Officially, the WT Expedition will finish at the Raadhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) in Copenhagen (more info to come on www.worldtravellers.dk).

    If you feel like sharing that (personally) epic moment with me, well, see you tomorrow at the border at 12.00PM/noon then.

    Nicolai (in Flensburg, Germany. 5 km to go…)

    PS. Yes, I do drink hot coffee…

    On this day..


    16 Responses to “Denmark Calling (tomorrow)!”

    1. La Rue Rougeau Says:

      Way to go Nicolai! I’ve kept up with your travels and find it hard to believe it’s been almost 9 months since you biked through Beaumont. I know your family will be happy to have you back in their fold. I have shared your story with friends and we have all enjoyed the photos and journals.

      I think you should enjoy many massages and soft cushions for a while!


    2. Vivian Kelly Says:

      CONGRATS NICOLAI! I’m a fan forwarded by La Rue in Texas. Still catching up on your journey…it’s amazing, especially the photos! God bless and welcome back to Texas any time.

    3. fubek Says:

      Oh man, I am so happy for you and so sad for me now that your trip is almost over!!! Thanks!!!!!

    4. Teun Says:

      I know how it feels to get back home after a couple of years and it might have been the best part of my travels… I know it will feel even better for you as you have accomplished something unmatchable. Enjoy every second of it!

    5. Dirk Says:

      hey crazy lovely mate!!!

      Just Fucking Wicked INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!! that you will cycle tomorrow over the Danisch borderline! and finally after all these crazy KM on your KOGA, and many adventures and experiences all around the world!!!


      well i gues that there are almost no words to discripe this emotionel feelings whats happening to you! tomorrow when you will make your way back home to your homecountry, well you coudnt give me any better introduction about denisch people!
      for me you are the best world understanding danischman!

      well when you cross the border tomorrow noon up to the place you grow up in middelfart where you parents probaly learned you to cycle your first KM ever in life! then they didnt expected you will do once a ride around the world! haha you crazy basterd 😉

      remember than as well that for you there are not many borders you didnt cross!!!
      and not any border is to much for Nicolai!

      hey mate i really enjoyed to following your amazing adventures, every time you posted some new picturealbums and movies i whas excited and watched them strait away!

      verry cool you putted some pictures from oostrum on your site as well! and on the other pictures i saw you route worked out as well and reached enschede!

      well mate all the best tomorrow on your ride to middelfart and the final way to Copenhagen!
      i hope some sunlight will shine your way home!

      GO NICOLAI !!!

      Greetings from Dirk and my parents
      your dutch supporters!

    6. Jeffrey Sparilng Says:


      Lise and I sure wish we could ride with you tomorrow as you cross the border into Denmark. Hopefully the sun will shine on you as you ride into Copenhagen. We had a little sun here in Champagne today and in spite of the still cold 5C weather here, we got out for a short 36 km ride on the tandem this afternoon. A tad warmer than the -5C when we cycled with you back at the beginning of January through Champagne for a few km. You sure picked the coldest weather we have seen in our 12 years in France to cycle through a great cycling country. You will have to come back when the weather is more clement !

      Anyway, congrats on a great achievement. I am sure you are going to enjoy seeing your family, friends and comforts of a sedentary life again after so many kms and years on the road. We may just have to cycle up to Denmark one of these days and of course bring a case of bubbly to celebrate your trip !

      In the meantime, we will drink a toast to your return.

      Way to go Nicolai !

      Your friends,

      Jeffrey and Lise Sparling

    7. Matt K Says:

      Hi Nicolai,
      I’ve been following your journey since you got to S. America. It helped me stay inspired while I got ready to go on my own trip. I left Alaska June 2009 and am now near Mexico City.
      You’ve done an amazing job of documenting the trip. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the pics and stories. I wish you all the best upon your return.
      Almost there!

    8. Bill Weir Says:

      Bangkok, Thailand

      Hi Nicolai,

      Wow, you did it–congratulations! I’m sure that you will always be happy that you completed the ride and had so many memorable experiences. You were fortunate to have the time.

      I’m glad that we could meet in Bangkok when you passed this way on the long ride.

      Soon I will begin another trip from SE Asia to China, my 5th; this time I plan to cycle from NE Thailand to China. I begin later this month. Luckily I got a long visa for China (4 months) so I can do a good ride there. Maybe I can get to Pakistan from Kashgar, then continue to India, after China. If eastern Tibet opens up, I would go there. We’ll see.

      Best wishes for your future projects, whatever they may be!


    9. Keith Says:

      HI Nicolai,

      Nothing more needs to be said at this point, but CONGRATULATIONS!!

      Talk/see you soon.


    10. Brian Bikes Says:

      Inspiring tales and chronological reports from expedition (stats, amazing work!). Thanks for sharing a life experience of life experiences, something amazing to enjoy from the blog – Peace & Congrats on landing home (tomorrow!!!) Brian.

    11. Borna Says:

      Hi Nicolai

      Congratulations, this is a huge accomplishment and in your honor today at noon I will raise a glass for you and your faithful Koga. Well this adventure is coming to an end…

      “Now he was master of the world, and he was not quite sure what to do next. But he would think of something.”, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke

      You’ll think of something.

      Best wishes and regards


    12. Bo Andersen Says:

      Velkommen hjem, Nicolai.
      Har fulgt ekspeditionen fra første færd med stor fornøjelse og vil sige tak for, at du har givet et indblik i cykelnomadens liv og tanker. Jeg håber, at du, når den største gensynsglæde er aftaget, vil være i stand til at finde dig til rette i en almindelig dansk hverdag uden konstant at have rastløshedens djævel siddende og kradse dig bag øret med krav om opmærksomhed.
      Held og lykke med dine fremtidige projekter.

      De bedste hilsner

    13. Skinnyman Says:

      Hi, Nicolai!

      I’m your fan from Ukraine and I just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing your trip! It was amazingly interesting to follow your stories! Congratulations with such a great accomplishment!!!

      Best wishes!

    14. Anonymous Says:

      Kære Nicolai
      Velkommen hjem, tak fordi du gad dele dit liv med os de sidste 4 Ã¥r, det har været en fantastisk rejse……
      Held og lykke fremover

    15. asep naga Says:

      Finally-Endlich kommst Du zuruck nach deiner Heimat.Congratulations!!!!!
      Meanwhile,my little daughter is 5 months,healthy and witty and one thing for sure
      keeps pedaling her little legs waiting impatiently for the milk.
      I bet you’re here!!!! still your picture is hanging on the wall…….Believe or not,soon I’ll tell everything to anybody i know about you dropped in one day and shared the with us…..

    16. Chris Says:

      I will save my full congratulations until you have finally arrived safely at home. Just to make sure you get back ok. But in the short time between then and now may I say well done, you have been an inspiration to many and that I have thoroughly enjoyed following your journey! Seeing where you have got to has been the first thing I do in work in the morning for a long time now. Can’t even begin to imagine the emotions you must be going through.

      Well done and make the last hurdle safely.


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