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    Copenhagen Under My Feet…

    Many people around me have been asking me, naturally, how it is to be back in Denmark after 4 years on the road, if I’ve gotten used to being back, and whether it’s been an anti-climax getting back.

    In my mind there’s no single answer to these questions. There’s no simple way to put it. No simple way to describe the plethora of complex feeling and emotions that have been running thru me over the last 23 days since I arrived here in Copenhagen. No matter how I think about it, though, I can’t call it an anti-climax. How could I possibly do that? With most of my best friends around me, within easy reach (yes, we travel by bicycle in Copenhagen), with one of the greatest cities on Earth under my feet, and with endless opportunities to design my time/life here in Denmark.

    So What Have I Been Doing Lately?
    Days have generally been quite busy. All the doors that I left shut behind me in April 2006, have slowly been opened again, and I’ve officially become a Danish citizen again (with library card, health insurance card, fitness member card, mobile phone number, registered at the unemployment union – all very exciting stuff, you see).

    Visits at the unemployment benefit office (a few), visits at the gym (spin classes, pulling weights, looking at people looking in mirrors, jacuzzi-laxing) (a lot), social meetings, crazy late-night drinking bouts (debauchery style) with my mates, informal meetings with sponsors (# 1 and 3 on the list, fyi), different interviews with different kinds of media, hanging out with Pablo at “home” (cooking, laughing, movie-watching, chilling, blabla-ing), preparing a mayor WT-presentation/talk that I plan on giving around Denmark later this year (the “WT-book” will come, but will have to wait for now).

    Socially, my first 3 weeks in Copenhagen have been wonderfully rich and quite overwhelming. My loved ones are just as lovable as I remember them and as I hoped (read: knew) they’d be. And still there are many faces that I haven’t seen yet. It’s going to be a darn fine spring in CPH.

    A Nomadic Soul On A Mental Journey?
    All the inner excitement I’ve felt lately has made it rather hard for me to sort of slow down, to kick back, and just ponder on this new situation and all the what-nows. I do occasionally find the trap of getting caught in everyday life trivialities surprisingly near, it’s so easy to somehow mentally “forget” all the beauties (never mind the snowy months of winter cycling up thru Western Europe!) of the last 4 years’ experiences, and I’ve promised myself to never ever get lured by that trap (unless I want to).

    My nomadic heart and soul has been greatly fuelled on the road, and hopefully it will find some juice in my current challenge, the transition back to life a little more stationary, from being a travelling nomad in the physical sphere, to being a travelling nomad in the mental (spiritual?) sphere.

    The Moral Support
    Over the last month I’ve received hundreds of emails, with congratulatory and very positive notes and thoughts. My guestbook is also the glad recipient of comments, ideas etc. I sincerely thank you all for the support. As stated before, I quite literally couldn’t have done this without your never-failing, moral support. Thanks, guys and girls.

    What About The Future of the WT-site?
    People have been lamenting (I do feel with both of you) that they won’t be able to get their daily WT/travel fix now that the journey is over. But cry not, ye’ all. Though the physical journey is over, my never-ending hunger for sensory flow and journeys into the unknown won’t stop just because my bike’s in the shed.

    This, my home-coming is just the beginning of another journey, even if this new journey might take on a much more mental quality. I hope you’ll come along this journey too. I will keep you updated about my mental and – less interesting – physical whereabouts. Check back on WT (and Facebook, if you’re playing that game) any time soon.

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Copenhagen Under My Feet…”

    1. Peter Gostelow Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Now that I have plenty of time off the bike, following last Saturday night’s machete attack, it’s about time I sent a you a congratulatory message. Well done my cycle touring friend. We almost met in Morocco, but I could see the coastal/direct and for you un-cycled route through the country was the better choice.
      It sounds like you’re going to be busy over the coming weeks and months. It was a challenge for me returning home after 3 years on the road. This followed being in Japan for 2 years. I felt a little lost and I spent most of the year before starting this current African adventure living in a tiny village in the countryside. I never felt fully rested, largely because I planned to be back on the road even before I’d arrived back in England. My journey set out from Japan as a World trip and I used that year in England to pause, plan, connect, and prepare for this African leg.
      You have a tremendous resource in your website to continue the journey and document it in a book. Someday/somewhere I shall do this too. I look forward to keeping in contact and hearing from you over the coming months. Congratulations again, Peter (sat on sofa typing with one hand)

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Thanks a lot for the comment, Peter. Terrible news from Senegal. Am following you close, as usual. May your recovery be swift and painfree!

      ‘Til later,

      Nicolai (two hand typing)

    3. Maarten Says:

      sounds you landed savely on both feet.
      Surely you’ll work out a way to live your spiritual journey in a ‘ordinary’ life….
      Keep us posted on the book!
      Greetings from Holland.
      Ilse Maarten & Lilou

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