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    3 Months After My Arrival In Copenhagen…

    It’s been 3 months to the day since I arrived in my hometown Copenhagen after 1.413 days on the road. Physically, life minus bike is (obviously) a little more predictable, a little less nomadic, but it still inspires and challenges me (or was it the other way around?), in quite different ways than my life plus bike did…

    For the past months I’ve been going through most of my WT-related material (photos, audio recordings, videos – excluding my 15 diaries that I’m not ready for mentally just yet. Bear with me, this stuff is heavy :-)), sitting at the table in Copenhagen with my little 10″ notebook, selecting material that I might need/use for my WT-talk/lecture – the main reason for all of this – that I’ll start presenting shortly. TBA.

    I’ve received lots of emails lately asking me how life back home is, if life treats my fine, if I’m restless and hear the roads calling already, what I’ve learned about life looking back on the last 4 years travelling the world, if I’ve found myself a little missus (sic!), if I’m happy and all that.

    The short answer to most of these questions is that, yes, I’m very happy being back home in Denmark with my beloved ones (missus still to be found somewhere – can’t/won’t hurry that one). I don’t feel restless at all, partly ‘cos I think I got (more than) my slice of that terrific cake called adventure, partly ‘cos my new (which also happens to be my old) life in Copenhagen – and the prospect of giving all these presentations at schools, companies, clubs, libraries etc. – holds plenty of challenge and big-city adventure for me these days. Oh yes, it may all change some day, but until then I’m content and excited about the upcoming summer in Denmark, my first in 5 years.

    A longer, deeper answer would most likely suit the aforementioned Qs, but I haven’t really come to any big, final conclusions to most of them, not that I’ve really tried. Don’t really feel any need for that at the moment. When, one day, I sit down somewhere quiet to write my book, I’m sure the deeper answers will come to me, more naturally.

    For now, I try and focus on finding a suitable balance between the complex, exciting, opaque systems of modern big-city life and the simple, nomadic, in-control-with-my-6-bike-bags way of life on the road. The differences between these life styles are downright gigantic.

    Thanks for popping by.

    With love – as always,


    On this day..


    2 Responses to “3 Months After My Arrival In Copenhagen…”

    1. Rebecca Summerhays Says:

      Hi Nicolai, I am one of many that you have stayed with during your travels in a place called Wanganui New Zealand, from memory you like my sausage cassarole=-).
      I would just like to say that I found your photo’s inspiring. The way that you managed to capture someone’s soul or feeling through a photograph is just amazing, so thank you for sharing your adventure with me.
      I hope you are well and I look forward to reading your book in time to come.
      Kind regards


    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Becks…Good to hear from you. And thanks for the positive vibes. I remember both the hospitality of you and Bede AND the lovely curry slash sausage cassarole AND the Goody Goody Gum Drop ice cream! Funny, that.

      Hope all’s great with you in NZ.


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