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    Day 391 – Sukhothai -> Phitsanulok (guesthouse)

    Distance (km) : 68
    Time on bike : 3h 12m
    Brutto time: 10.40 – 13.50
    Avg : 21.42 km/h
    Total (km) : 15.595

    Tune of the Day: Devolva-me – Adriana Calcanhotto

    It kept raining all through the night and it did not seem like it was about to stop this morning. For once it was tempting to stay in bed. Zülle got me up.

    Ready to leave Sukhothai - in the rain...

    All this rain is coming all too soon. According to the rainfall statistics that I have read, it is not supposed to start raining until another 3-4 weeks. It is those damn El Niño-/climate change-/greenhouse effect-/ozone gas/ and someone pissed in my coffee phenomena which is turning everything upside down.

    Despite it all, it is a nice day on the road. It is flat, I’m moving forward. There is water on every field and the notion of wet rice starts to make sense. The world has a totally different signature, in the rain.

    Very elegantly and determined a kamikaze frog jumps right into the revolving spokes of my front tyre. I had a momentum going on in the saddle and did not bother to stop. The destiny of the frog is uncertain. Strangely enough, there are also a lot of flattened crabs on the roads today.

    In the morning I came up with the thought of riding the 60+ km to Phitsanulok without taking a break. It was mostly for the fun of it but as I came halfway through the route and still felt like flying Zülle took over and took the rest of the 63 km without as much as lifting my ass of the saddle.

    But did’nt you even stop for the red lights?

    – Nope, I snuck my way over…

    Did you not go hungry on the way?

    -Yes, but Zülle had a plan…

    Were there no sights to see today?

    – Yes, flattened frogs, slim snakes, crushed crabs, a lonely fish(!?) and wet road workers…

    Did it feel a bit like a time trial?

    – 🙂

    Decorative lunch arrangement. Phitsanulok, Central Thailand.

    In Phitsanulok, the elderly manageress of the Youth Hostel said to me,

    Outside mosquitos, inside no hab’ mosquitos!

    I know how that song goes! I do not know where they find that kind of logic but she did not try to sell me a room. She was just being sincere, thai style. But it is no good. Mosquitoes are smart. Are they outside, they will also find a way to get inside.

    When pulling my bike into the room, the first thing I saw was a big, fat mosquito…

    My room at the Youth Hostel, Phitsanulok, Thailand.

    It is a lovely cabin with ”antique” furniture, old lamps with spider’s webs and carved wooden panels on all the walls. 200 Bath – 6,20 USD.

    Fire cooking in Phitsanulok.

    On this day..


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