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    English translation of Polish newspaper article


    Thirty-year-old Dane for three weeks has been scoring another kilometres by bike. He wants to go around the world this way. He has just dropped in to Nysa.

    Nicolai Bangsgaard from Middelfart decided to combine his two passions: travelling and cycling. He has started his life’s journey – around the world. “I began my trip in Copenhagen, then I took a ferry to Swinoujscie” he says. “At first I was accompanied by my friend Martin Amor but he has a problem with his knee and we are going to see each other in Krakow”.

    In Poland, besides Nysa, the traveller is going to stop in Gliwice, Krakow and Zakopane. “I visited Poznan and Wroclaw and I am really glad that the first country on my way is Poland” says glad Dane.

    His journey is going to last for two years. He wants get to know the world and feel unlimited freedom. “This is the aim of my life now” says Nicolai. “Later I will seriously occupy myself with anthropology, which I studied at the university in Copenhagen”.

    He is going to ride across Slovakia, Eastern Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Caucasus, Turkmenistan, China, Nepal, Tibet, South-East Asia, Middle- and North America. And back to Denmark. “We had prepared for the trip for three years” the traveller says, “I had to find sponsors and buy special bike suitable for long distances. It weighs 16 kilograms plus 10 kilograms of luggage”.

    Here in Nysa the globetrotter has spent his first night in bed since the beginning of the journey. “I try to minimize the costs by spending nights in tent somewhere in woods” he admits. “That’s why I am fascinated with Poland’s nature”. Bangsgaard likes beautifully illuminated cathedral in Nysa. “People are nice and friendly” he says. He also has a taste for zurek [Polish sour soup- T.] and Polish stew.

    Ever since he started to travel by bike he has been living simple life. He put all other things away and now he only follows his nose’s tip. “I’ve always been curious about the world and when I’m back I’m going to write a book on my trip and my adventures” says Nicolai.

    His friends are fascinated with the idea of the trip. Nevertheless, young Dane’s family is worried about his life and difficulties of the journey. “They are afraid I may have troubles because of Mohammed images printed in our newspapers” he explains “and I’m going to ride across Islamic countries. However, I’m not afraid of anyone”.

    Bangsgaard has travelled a lot for last ten years. He was in America and Africa, Morocco and Spain. By bike, off course. “It was a training before this trip and it has given me a lot” he says. He used to go here and there. He took his first trip in 1972 [!?] when he was two. “We went to Swinoujscie then. I don’t remember much” he says “but I’ve got some pictures from that trip and they make me smile now”.

    Nicolai writes articles for the magazines and he takes pictures. He makes money during the trip this way. “Everything that surrounds me now is so new and unknown” he says. “Everyday I try to plan another stages of the journey and choose the places to stay”. What the traveller is afraid the most is to get sick. “I take vitamins everyday, I try not to get overworked and I always think positively” he says.

    Translation attempt by Tomek Koska (Thanks a lot Tomek!!)